July 22, 2020

Beautifully Unique Cabinet Colors

One of our best design tips for homeowners who want to do something different in their home: don’t be afraid of using color in your kitchen or bathroom design! And we’re not just talking about wall paint! Why not spice up your cabinet design with a unique pop of color?Your cabinets don’t always have to be plain wood, white, or another neutral color. Color on your cabinets can really add a burst of energy to your space. Let’s take a look at some unique color ideas for your custom cabinetry.

Cabinet Design Considerations

One of the first things to consider when choosing kitchen, bath, or media center cabinet colors is to determine the style of the house/decor and if you want the cabinets to blend in or contrast in the space. Generally, in spaces with low ceilings or tight spaces, we recommend a cabinet color that blends and is a close shade to the wall color. This makes the space appear larger and the ceilings will appear higher than they are! This doesn’t mean that you have to pick white either...Before getting started with a custom cabinet design, think about your space but also what colors you love. You can use your favorite colors and finishes and make the room suit your unique personality.

Unique Cabinet Color Choices

Full disclosure: we love a bright white kitchen or bath, but they are everywhere from traditional homes to modern farmhouses. Our Cabinet Chic loves the look of unique cabinetry color –after all isn’t that part of the point of going with a custom design? Here are some of our favorite color options:

dark wood bathroom cabinets

Dark, Moody Colors

Dark moody paint colors are one of the biggest trends in home decor right now. In spaces with high ceilings, it takes the eye up and is the focal point of the room. How stunning would a dark rich cabinet color be in a white-walled living room, bathroom, or kitchen?! Your cabinets are a design element. Dark colors add richness to a space instantly. Such a gorgeous option to add a chic touch to your design!

gray bathroom cabinetry


Grey doesn’t have to remain neutral! Depending on the undertones in the light, light warm grays can look blue, green, or even peachy! When going gray, make sure to sample the color with the lighting in your space to get a feel for the tone.

mint green bathroom cabinets

Muted Colors

While it might be tempting to paint the cabinets in your kitchen hot pink, we recommend making your pop of color more timeless paint by choosing a more muted shade like a dusty version. When you go with a more muted color you can go longer without having to refinish. Also, muted tones and softer colors, while trendy still stand the test of time. Muted tones also can help make your space feel light and add beautiful contrast with that perfect pop of color with a patterned wallpaper or other accent.

Shades of Black

In the right space, black or almost-black cabinets can add depth and a sense of drama. If you have white tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, a true black color can be stunning! If your home has a lot of wood tones or wood floors, we would recommend colors that we call “almost-black,” which have gray or brown undertones. This tiny hint of warmth blends with and compliments wood tones beautifully. At C & C Cabinets, each project is made to order to perfectly suit your design needs. Our customized finishes range from stained, painted or distressed to hand-rubbed oil finishes, and highly intricate multi-step finishes. We love to talk color; call us today for a custom cabinetry quote -813-876-6780.

Color Considerations

When brainstorming cabinet ideas and colors keep in mind:

  • Look to the style of your cabinets for color ideas. If your kitchen cabinets are “traditional” a deep blue or green tone color will look beautiful. In a modern kitchen, contrasting tones and bright colors work well!
  • The most popular paint sheen for cabinets is “matte satin” because this paint hides imperfections better and you don’t see brush marks.
  • If you shudder at the thought of painting over your beautiful wood cabinets, consider a stain that will complement the colors in your home. You can make a stain in virtually any color!

Can’t quite pull the trigger on a bold color for the cabinetry? You can still go outside the design box with a bold color for the backsplash, unique cabinet hardware, or even a tile inlay rug like this one...

custom drawers by C & C Cabinets

Achieve A Stunning, Custom Home

Ultimately, our best advice when it comes to the cabinet color: choose what you like. It doesn’t matter if your cabinetry isn’t trendy or the “color of the year.” No matter the color you pick, make sure you choose high-quality construction and paint so your cabinets will remain beautiful for years to come .At C & C Cabinets, we manufacture custom cabinetry with styles ranging from ultra-sleek and contemporary, to highly ornate and every design style in between! Let’s figure out the perfect cabinet and color scheme for you! Call or email us for a free design consultation today. We can’t wait to build the custom cabinets of your dreams!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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The Finest Finishes

Beauty can’t last only as long as the reveal. We pride ourselves in selecting the right finish & proper application, resulting in a durable finish that remains beautifully functional for years to come.

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