March 14, 2024

Building a Beautiful Dressing Room

Designing your very own personalized dressing room isn't just an aspiration, it's truly achievable with proper organization and thoughtful consideration.

Whether your vision is lavish and stylish or simplicity itself, it can truly be an expression of your taste and aesthetic.  

The Cabinet Chic is here to guide you through this process, ensuring you end up with the dressing room of your dreams.  

Step Into Style

Keeping in mind your unique needs and preferences is important when designing your dressing area.  

Whether it's a desire for a particular type of storage, a preference for a certain light, or even various add-ons and features, it's yours, and thus it should resonate with your taste and style. It is all about strategizing the available space and items. Identifying key items is pivotal in the process.  

These primarily include:

  • Storage Areas for Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Hanging Spaces
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Table
  • Makeup Storage

Wardrobes are the cornerstones of this space. Rather than being simply functional, they can be designed to make a compelling statement.

A splash of creativity and personal flair can transform a plain wardrobe into an aesthetic centerpiece for your dressing room.  

Choosing the Perfect Location

So, having understood your dressing room needs, it's time to scout for the perfect spot for your fashion sanctuary.  

Size-wise, a minimum of 2m x 2m size is ideal. However, don't let a lack of space deter you. These spaces are attainable for everyone, no matter the room dimensions or budget constraints.

Even a well-organized corner could serve as a mini-dressing area, proving that you can create an efficient and stylish space regardless of your space constraints.

Optimally it would be situated off a bedroom or in an adjoining room. You could also consider combining it with a guest room. This efficient use of square footage allows you to maximize your space without compromising on functionality.  

For smaller spaces, consider building wardrobes fitting along one wall. P.S. Including an island can further boost storage and increase functionality.

Importance of Prime Lighting

When it comes to lighting, it's more than just practicality. Appropriate lighting elevates the room's aesthetics and creates a luxuriously appealing mood.  

Picture the use of a strong overhead light, coupled with spotlights or LED strip lights. It fits the description of glamour and luxury seamlessly, doesn't it? The dazzling spotlight ensures that you pick out the perfect outfit with ease.

Place dressing tables where there's a generous stream of natural light to blend with the artificial lights for utter convenience. Doing so, you get a mix of both worlds where you can enjoy an even, shadow-free illumination.

How Seating Can Upgrade Relaxation

This space should be a comfortable, functional, and enjoyable area where you can prepare for the day ahead or unwind after a long day.  

Incorporating seating is a powerful way to enhance comfort and add a touch of luxury.  

A well-placed, stylish chair, stool, or bench can make the space feel more inviting and help establish the dressing room as a personal sanctuary.

Consider your options when choosing seating for this area.

Upholstered Bench

Perfect for seating, and can act as a partition, as it is taller than typical chairs or stools. This can be particularly useful if you intend to create some separation from an adjoining bathroom or another space in the house. Benches with hidden storage are also popular, so you can store away linens, bulky winter clothing, or seasonal items.  

An upholstered bench is a fantastic choice that adds style and practicality to the area. Plus, we can build a piece that fits your style, from modern to traditional, and anywhere in between!

An Elegant Chaise Lounge or Armchair

These can serve as a fashionable focal point in the room, giving the room a sense of personality. Adding plush cushions and throws can add a layer of comfort and sophistication. However, if the space is small, a functional stool can do the trick without taking up much space and still brings a sense of completeness to the room.  

Get Ready in Style

Tailoring a dressing room to your home doesn't require an enormous suite or a deep pocket.  You'd be surprised at what can be achieved with a snug nook and an eye for practical design. (And a little help from The Cabinet Chic!)

Paying attention to minute details such as color coordination and lighting fixtures can enable you to customize a run-of-the-mill room into a custom dressing area.  

Contact our head designer, Miriam Johnson, for a design consultation, and let our craftsmen help transform your living space!

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