November 24, 2020

Choosing Cabinet Hardware

If you want to make a big impact in your kitchen or bath, choosing the right cabinet hardware can make all the difference! Believe it or not, cabinet hardware has a huge visual impact and is one of the first things visitors and homeowners notice about a space (besides, of course, your great custom cabinets).Perfectly chosen cabinet hardware adds that last finishing touch to a design project. That said, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose cabinet hardware since there are so many amazing options to choose from. Plus, if you’re one who’s home is always on trend, there are some great ones to fit your style. Let’s take the guesswork out of choosing cabinet hardware! Check out our top tips on choosing knobs and pulls to complete the haute couture finish for your cabinets from the Cabinet Chic:

All About Cabinet Hardware

Guess what? There is no right or wrong way to design with knobs or pulls in your home! No, they don’t need to match your kitchen or bathroom style. If you want modern knobs in a farmhouse kitchen, go for it!In interior design lately, there is a trend to mix and match knobs and pulls to sinks, faucets, etc. to offer a contrast to the cabinet colors. If you are stuck or confused with all the shapes and sizes available, we think a round knob with a weathered finish will look great on any cabinet door color!

Cabinet Hardware Trends

Traditionally, most kitchens pre-WWII had pulls because they were easier to make and affix to doors than knobs. As the years went by and style trends changed, knobs became the go-to for kitchen cabinets and pulls faded into the background. Move over knobs: pulls are coming back into style again! There are many trends in the kitchen and bath; that’s the beauty of a custom design...the final look is completely YOURS!

Here are some trends our custom cabinetry team are noticing when it comes to hardware:  

Hardware that Matches the Sink  

Cabinet hardware can be a beautiful complement to your sink. Imagine a kitchen with a shiny copper sink and copper pulls to match! Gorgeous!

No Visible Hardware

If you are designing a highly modern contemporary kitchen, you might opt to forgo the hardware altogether. Some cabinets have hidden grooves or push buttons that make them easier to open, so knobs or pulls are unnecessary. Who says you need hardware? If a more traditional style isn’t for you, then more modern custom-made cabinetry can be yours! We’ll help you achieve the design, function, and finish you’re after. Call us today for a quote!  

Intricately Designed Hardware

Eye-catching hardware that is detailed or accented with an intricate design offers an interesting contrast to smooth, clean cabinetry. If you want to add some unique detail with your cabinet hardware, look for beaten copper, weathered finishes, etched patterns, or even ceramics!

Pulls + Knobs

If you can’t choose between knobs or pulls, why not choose both?! Install knobs on doors, and pulls on drawers to add visual interest and variety to your kitchen. This is particularly great for cabinets that are not standard in size or shape. You can easily customize a look to fit your aesthetic with the use of both knobs and pulls!

Vintage + Repurposed Hardware

To add a vintage feel to your kitchen, a trip to the antique or thrift store could be a great way to find unique pulls or knobs for your cabinets.Pay homage to the era that your house was built in by choosing hardware from that time period. Vintage or repurposed hardware can add a touch of charm to your kitchen design.

Custom Cabinetry By C &  C Cabinets

Custom cabinets from C & C Cabinets ask for equally beautiful cabinet hardware! Our team at C & C Cabinets custom-builds craftsman-quality wood cabinetry for the high-end residential market in Tampa Bay. Whether you dream of a farmhouse style kitchen with cabinets to match or an ultra-modern bathroom, we can make your dreams a reality! Our design team can help you choose matching cabinet hardware to complete the look. Call us today for a custom cabinetry consultation: (813) 876-6780

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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The Finest Finishes

Beauty can’t last only as long as the reveal. We pride ourselves in selecting the right finish & proper application, resulting in a durable finish that remains beautifully functional for years to come.

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