June 5, 2023

Color of the Month—Sherwin Williams: Antiquity

As experts in cabinetry and custom furniture design, we understand just how essential color is when it comes to designing a beautiful room. And you know that here at C & C Cabinets we LOVE color!  

So, let's dive into this month’s Color the Month: Sherwin Williams’ Antiquity and see why it is such a special color and how YOU can incorporate it into your next project!

Experience a Timeless Elegance

This color is sure to make you feel like royalty. Antiquity, a stunning shade of deep yellow with golden undertones, is the perfect hue to add some warmth and sophistication to any space.  

This color embodies all things vintage and classic, taking antiquity to the next level.

Its rich and warm tone can transform any room into a welcoming sanctuary that exudes luxury and comfort. Whether you choose to use it on your walls or as an accent color, Antiquity will bring life into your space!  

before and after of custom coffee table by the cabinet chic

From Drab to Fab: Project Spotlight

We recently had a client select Antiquity for a very special custom-painted coffee table. We started with an existing wood-stained coffee table, stripped it, then primed and painted it with Antiquity. For the ultimate finish, we then completed it with a hand-glazed antique finish. *Trės chic!*

The color is show-stopping in the right application, and we are thrilled at how this sultry color transformed this piece!  

Endless Possibilities

But it doesn’t stop at custom furniture. This versatile paint can be used in endless ways throughout your home, from cabinetry and built-ins to walls and beyond.

  • Adding a touch of this earthy, warm color can instantly transform your kitchen or bathroom into a cozy haven. It pairs beautifully with natural wood finishes and white accents for a timeless look that will never go out of style.  

  • Using Antiquity on built-ins such as bookshelves or window seats for an added layer of depth and texture.

But why stop there? Imagine an accent wall in your bedroom painted in this rich golden hue, creating a serene atmosphere where you can unwind at the end of the day. Or how about a welcoming front door? *Swoon*

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custom coffee table painted in Sherwin Williams' Antiquity and glazed with a rustic finish

Reimagine Your Space

Ready to have happiness built-in? With our handcrafted cabinets, furniture, and architectural accents, we can help you transform your home into the dreamy haven you've always wanted. Our love for color and attention to detail ensures that every piece we design is unique and perfect for your home’s style.  

So why wait? Let's reimagine your space together! Contact Miriam Johnson today to get started creating a dream home that is filled with character and style!

Featured Image Credit: Sherwin Williams

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