November 14, 2022

Design Details: The Perfect Pantry

Let's face it, pantries are often one of the most neglected areas of the home. They are small, hard to keep organized, and often turn into junk drawers or dumping grounds for unneeded kitchen items.

Here at C&C Cabinets, we say NO MORE! With built-in custom cabinetry, you can turn your pantry into a space that is organized, functional, and beautiful. Now that’s Happiness Built-in!

Keep reading for our design team’s best advice for updating your pantry into perfection.  

Add a Beverage Nook

By including built-in shelving or a small countertop, you can easily store and access your favorite bottles and cans without taking up too much space in the rest of your kitchen.

Add a coffee machine and other beverage tools to a nook to create a perfect spot for early-morning coffee or tea. This will also free up space on your countertops for cooking and preparing food!

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Hide it Away

Secret cabinetry brings a sense of excitement into any room, and the pantry is no different. Hide away your coffee station with some unique cabinetry solutions!

Whether you hide the entire space behind a set of beautiful doors or simply keep ingredients that aren't in use out of sight, this added design detail is sure to impress.

Pullout Mini-Pantry

This one is sure to stun any guest! Keep commonly used items in a pullout pantry that fills the gap between your refrigerator! Not only does this mini-pantry make your pantry more accessible and organized, but it is one of the most unique pieces of cabinetry you can add to your kitchen.

Looking for built-in cabinetry that can handle all of your storage needs? Contact the team at C&C Cabinets today to get started!

Tiered Shelves

If you're looking to maximize every inch of your pantry space, consider adding tiered shelves to the mix. These shelves are perfect for storing small items like spices or ingredients that don't need much space, and they take up very little room in the overall design of your pantry.

Don't Neglect the Aesthetics

Not only is the average pantry lacking in function, but they are all typically SO plain. Painfully plain. However, because they are typically tucked out of the way, small, and plain, pantries make the perfect empty canvas for you to design!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to totally transform your pantry:

Switch Up the Door

Unless you are inside the pantry, you're just going to see the closed door from your kitchen. Adding a coat of paint, a decorative knob, or even a new door will give your pantry an upscale look from any angle.

Frosted glass doors will give your kitchen a touch of luxury while sliding barn doors will bring the farmhouse feel into your kitchen.

Add Some Color

Painting or wallpapering the walls of your pantry is a great way to add some personality and style to the space. Any color or design will quickly make a large impact in such a small (and typically plain) area.

Chances are the pantry isn't the most visible space in the kitchen, so take this opportunity to go BOLD!

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Built-In Lighting

No pantry is complete without some beautiful lighting, and by beautiful, we don’t mean those clunky, wall-powered cabinet lights from Amazon! Get built-in cabinetry with integrated lighting under the shelves and you’ll never overlook an item again.

C&C Cabinets Will Help You Build your Pantry Paradise

If you're ready to take your pantry from plain and boring to functional and gorgeous, contact C&C Cabinets today. Our team of designers will work with you to create the perfect built-in pantry suited perfectly for your home!  

Call us at (813) 876-6780 today!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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