November 21, 2022

Design Guide: Fireplace Built-Ins

This time of the year is great for snuggling around the fireplace with our loved ones. And adding the perfect storage around a fireplace can really help bring together a beautiful focal point in your home, especially around the holidays. Built-ins around your fireplace are a fabulous addition for a gorgeous display area for family photos and memorabilia and storage for keeping cords, electronics, and gaming systems at bay.

Whether you have an existing fireplace or want to add an electric one, there are many design choices. The options are endless, from an all-wood surround to brick, marble, stone, concrete, tile, and more. When custom building a built-in fireplace, you can choose whether it is front and center or asymmetrical and recessed or flush.

No matter your design goals, safety is our top priority at C & C Cabinets. That’s why you must hire experienced designers and builders. The Cabinet Chic’s artisans have decades of experience creating custom built-ins that are of the highest quality, safety, durability, and design. But before you contact us, here’s what you’ll want to consider for your fireplace built-ins:

Define Your Design Goals

When adding built-ins around a fireplace, it’s essential to think about the rest of the room in addition to your storage needs and overall design goals. How large do you want the built-ins? Do you want floor-to-ceiling height? What’s your ideal amount of storage vs. display space? And how will the built-ins tie into the rest of the area – are there windows, appliances, furniture, or anything else nearby that may crowd or otherwise affect the layout?

Decide How the Built-Ins Will Frame the Fireplace

While there are no hard and fast rules as to whether a fireplace is symmetrically or asymmetrically placed in built-ins, you should consider the style of your home. Asymmetrically placed fireplaces work well with sleek, flush built-ins in a modern home. Traditional homes may look best with centered fireplaces that are recessed with a beautiful mantel.


Consider Storage Options

If you have an elevated base under your fireplace, you may be able to expand it by adding more seating, drawers underneath for added storage, or low shelving. For cabinet doors, you have myriad options, from clear and frosted glass for displaying items to solid metal or wood to conceal clutter. Also, contemplate whether you want to mix and match for visual appeal or keep things clean and simple.

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Think About Open Shelving

Open shelving works well with concealed storage options, especially with a fireplace centered in the built-ins. They also bring great storage options as well as display areas for your family’s special mementos. If there are no windows on the sides, taking the open shelving from floor to ceiling looks beautiful. You may also want to add dividers in the middle of extended shelves to create more contained design moments.

Select the Details

No matter what you choose for the setup of your fireplace built-ins, you’ll want to think about the finishes. From the type and color of wood for the built-ins to the fireplace surround materials to the cabinet and drawer pulls, the devil is in the details. You should also think about how the lighting near the built-ins may affect it, from overhead recessed lights or fixtures to natural light from nearby windows. Lastly, keep in mind the style of the rest of the room and your home in order to keep the design consistent and fluid.

Design Your Haute Home

Add functionality, durability, and luxury to your home with fireplace built-ins from C & C Cabinets! Our team makes it a seamless experience with our veteran designers and craftsmen. Get started today by scheduling a design consultation with Miriam Johnson, the Cabinet Chic!

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