April 29, 2021

Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas with Hardworking Style

Hardworking meets high design... When designing laundry room cabinets, striking the right balance between storage and workspace is fundamental to a functional space. Before designing your custom laundry room, consider what your goals are and what it is that is most important to you. Storage or a workspace? Or a combination of both? Either way, it will be full of style! Learn the Cabinet Chic’s top ideas for a laundry room that is as stylish as it is hardworking.

Before Designing Your Custom Laundry Room...  

The laundry room is one of the most used rooms in the home, maximize its potential. To get your room just right, ask yourself:

  • What activities take place in the laundry room? Ex. Treating stains, sorting, or folding clothes, etc.  
  • What do you need to store? Ex. detergent, cleaning products, ironing supplies, or hanging clothes.  
  • Do you prefer a mix of storage and workspaces?  
  • Do you like the look of closed cabinet doors or the convenience of open storage?  
  • Is my room just for laundry or do I need to serve multiple purposes with the room?

Ultimately, these questions will help you design the perfect functional space for your unique laundry room! Then, we build on your family's needs and mesh with the design elements in your home from contemporary to traditional and everywhere in between.

Inspiring Cabinet Design Ideas

Open Shelving  While closed laundry room cabinets can create a tidy polished look, open storage areas can help organize those items that you reach for often, like detergent or fabric softener. A neat way to organize the space is to include baskets labeled with each family member’s name to sort laundry that is ready to be folded to put away. Or, use the baskets to sort out colors, darks, and whites!

Wall Cabinets  Most cabinets are designed with space between the bottom of the cabinet and the countertop or the top of the washer and dryer. This particular design makes use of that often wasted space with the installation of storage cabinets stacked above the washer and dryer.Although this might take away some of your countertop workspaces, the easy-access storage is a smart trade-off!

Decorative Wall Cabinets

Larger laundry spaces may have room for extra features such as a hanging rod for clothing or open shelving for laundry baskets.In this laundry room, decorative extras include mullions on the glass cabinet doors and white cabinets that keep the space looking clean and crisp. Exactly how a laundry room should look!

Meet a Designer > Let’s talk custom cabinetry!  

Clever Cabinetry  Fully maximize your laundry room cabinet space by installing a fold-out ironing board that easily folds away (and out of sight) when not in use. Narrow shelving in this ironing board cabinet can hold often used products within reach while you are ironing.

Two-Tone Cabinetry  Stay on-trend, and apply the two-tone cabinetry look to your laundry room! We recommend choosing complementary hues in a neutral palette to help brighten up a small laundry area. Make it uniquely yours! Two-toned cabinets can look chic with glass-doored cabinets, or even with darker base cabinets and light upper cabinets. Paired with a stunning tile floor, and some subway tile or beautiful wallpaper on the walls, you won’t want to leave your laundry room!

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Mix-and-Match Cabinets & Shelving  Including a variety of storage types to store your laundry room necessities can make your space more functional.Combine open shelves, slots, drawers, and a few closed cabinets for customized laundry room storage that works in even the smallest of spaces. Upper cabinets can store seasonal items like gloves, hats, and mittens, and baskets on the open shelves can keep your open space more organized.

Architectural Accents  Mirror the design aesthetic or architectural accents from the rest of your home in your laundry room. Wainscotting, crown molding, and paneled cabinet doors can add traditional charm to your laundry room.If you don’t have a lot of space, a built-in countertop placed on top of your washer and dryer is perfect for folding clothes. Plus, it will help prevent spills between the appliances.

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Create a Beautiful, Functional Laundry Room

We all have to do laundry; so make the most of it, and wash, dry, and fold your clothing in a beautiful laundry room!  Take your laundry room from uninspired and dull to an inviting and functional space that you actually (somewhat) enjoy spending time in.From built-in cabinets to open shelving and customized cabinets to house your ironing board to sorting drawers, C & C Cabinets can do it all. We specialize in custom-made cabinets and can create cabinetry to fit your design aesthetic.Have happiness built-in, call the Cabinet Chic for a laundry room cabinet design consultation today: (813) 876-6780!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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