December 23, 2020

Must-Haves For Your Mudroom

The mudroom of your house is a true workhorse. As a second entrance, it doesn’t get the glory that your entryway might, but it’s ready to take whatever you throw at it: mud, rain, shoes, kid’s backpacks, and more! Since the mudroom often becomes a catchall, it needs to be functional, organized, but also durable. Plus, it should be stylish too! Whether you are looking at remodeling your home or starting from the ground-up designing a custom home, here are some essentials that every mudroom needs:

A Place to Hang

Hooks are a must for any mudroom design, trust us! Hooks hung on the wall make it easy to hang up damp outerwear, coats, hats, dog leashes, umbrellas, and more! Add a few extra hooks in case of company. Built-in cabinetry is an amazing way to store jackets and shoes and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact us for a design consultation today!

dark gray mudroom with bench


Your mudroom won’t be complete without a place to put on or take off your shoes. You may want to avoid benches that are upholstered which are more likely to stain and wear out more quickly. For a chic look, add a few colorful throw pillows to the bench and accent rug to take the coziness up a notch. If storage is a must-have, a built-in bench with storage beneath the lid is a great place to store shopping bags, dog or cat toys, and rainy day needs. Storage solutions are our specialty! Call the Cabinet Chic to help design your mudroom storage! We can help renovate your home to suit your design aesthetic for a long time to come – (813) 876-6780!

Durable Flooring

Mudroom floors often bear the brunt of the mess. Thus, tile is ideal for a mudroom due to its durability and low-maintenance upkeep. Also, tile comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Liven up your mudroom space by choosing unique tiles for your flooring. Bonus: Add boot trays and beautiful area rugs to catch dirt and add a cozy feel to the room.

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Utilitarian & Dog Friendly

If your mudroom is plumbed, a utility sink is a MUST! These kinds of sinks are much deeper and more durable than your kitchen sink and are useful for gardening, hosing off muddy footwear, bathing animals, and soaking laundry. If you have a large dog, a dog-washing station might be a great feature to add to your mudroom design. The mudroom is also a great place to keep your pet’s food and water bowls. A kennel or cozy bed tucked away in a corner of the mudroom can become a quiet spot for your pet, away from household foot traffic.

Drop Zones

We all need a place to quickly drop purses, car keys, mail, etc. when we walk into the home. Without an organized dedicated space for these items, your kitchen counter might get a little cluttered!In your mudroom, you can designate a “drop zone” for these items which could be a simple shelf, a desk, or a side table. You may even want a place to sort out your mail. Add a chalkboard or corkboard to write down shopping lists or notes to your family.

Long-lasting Wall Treatments

While wallpaper can add a gorgeous touch to a room, you should opt for something more durable and long-lasting for your mudroom. Don’t let that stop you from adding in color and texture though! Think planks, beadboard, shiplap, board & batten, and wainscotting, etc. All of these wall treatments can stand up to children roughhousing and muddy pets. Bonus: they look amazing!

white mudroom with lockers and shelves

No Mudroom? Create Dream Designer Storage

The mudroom is a must-have for any home and you can make one out of pretty much any entryway.  If you live near Tampa, FL and want to carve out space for a mudroom in your home, give C & C Cabinets a call! The Cabinet Chic can help you rethink your space, and design cabinetry and shelving to fit your unique needs and the size of your mudroom area. Once you have a functional mudroom, you won’t believe how you lived without one for so long! Mastered your mudroom or just like this article? Share our tips to help your friends love where they live!

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