April 8, 2021

Small Space, Lux Library Design

If you are an avid reader, you probably have a ton of books in your home, and if you live in a small space, it can be hard to find the space to organize them! Just because you live in a small home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cozy at-home library; it just means that you will have to get creative with the space that you do have. The Cabinet Chic put together this look book with inspiration on how to make a small home library yours. Check it out:

Designing a Small Space Library

When designing a library for your small space, it might mean making a room in your house play double-duty. Bookshelves are pretty easy to add into small spaces (even closets) and small unused corners. Plus, adding books to your space instantly creates a cozy feel to the room. Here are some small lux library designs to keep in mind when designing your custom home library space!

Library Wall Around a Window

Add bookshelves to your home office by creating a unique library wall around a window, which will help save on-floor space in a small room. Keeping books in your office makes them easy to access when you need a little inspiration, and they sure are pretty to look at! Installing a bookshelf in a place where not much else will fit is a clever way to use up some “wasted” space. Chic Idea: Add a built-in seating bench or a small workspace to create a home office library. This really makes the most of your reading area!

Bookshelves Around a Door  

Bookshelves built around a door are not only genius but also is a great way to maximize storage in an area that would otherwise be wasted. From closet doors to the doors in your living room, there are multiple places in your home where a bookshelf built around a door would be chic and cozy! Many small homes might have angled ceilings or areas where traditional bookcases won’t fit, which is where custom shelving comes in. Call the Cabinet Chic for a design consultation for bookshelves!

Wall To Wall Bookcases

If you really want to maximize your book storage spaces, make use of the walls in your living room— which is often the easiest place to find some extra wall space— even in the smallest of homes. Floor to ceiling or wall to wall bookcases all across one wall of your living room will create your lux library, but also help the space from feeling too cluttered. Painting these shelves the same color as the walls and adding some front panels to gives them a tasteful, built-in look.

Create a Library Around the TV

If you already have built-ins or a TV on the wall of your living room, this could be a perfect spot to create your home library. Building bookshelves around the television will make use of the rest of the wall space, and add visual interest to your living room, instead of having the TV as the focal point in the room.

Repurpose an Awkward Space  

Do you have an awkward space in your home that nothing seems to fit in? Take advantage of the space and install some bookshelves! Wrapping shelves around corners in a room will create a cozy reading nook that you’ll want to spend a lot of time in! All you need is a gorgeous chair or chaise lounge to complete your reading (and relaxation) oasis! Chic Idea: Design a cozy closet reading nook. While closet space is a hot commodity in a small space, if too small or rarely used, your closet can turn into a cozy reading nook. Call us to install bookshelves around the walls of the closet, and a bench at the bottom with a comfy plush cushion. You won’t want to leave!  

Hallway Library  

If you don’t have any space available in the rooms of your home, try out this hallway library idea! Install bookshelves along the walls of your hallway, which is a space that can’t be used for much else. Your small space may only fit custom shelving on one side of the hallway; either is still ample space to showcase your books!

custom bookcase built ins

Design a Lux Home Library

Spend time relaxing with your favorite book. Take your small or awkwardly shaped space and create something as magical as the books you read. When you reside in a cozy home, you have the make the most of every inch. We’re all about a wow moment and a stunning lux library is just that (plus, you get much-needed storage)!Ready to get cozy and design a home library for your own home? Built-ins are a piece of cake with the Cabinet Chic! We can design beautiful built-in bookshelves suitable for your small lux, library. Call the Cabinet Chic today to schedule a design consultation: (813) 876-6780 or contact us to get started.

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