November 17, 2020

Timelessly Traditional Kitchen Design Tips

Despite the popularity of contemporary and farmhouse styles, traditional kitchens are still among the most popular styles for kitchen design. Traditional = timeless. With their basic color palette and grand design schemes, a traditional kitchen is a beautiful space to spend time in! Your kitchen is the heart of the home; let’s take a look at some of our favorite traditional kitchen design tips at C & C Cabinets!

Essential Elements of Traditional Kitchen Design

The key feature that you want to look out for when designing a traditional kitchen, details! Each area of the kitchen, from the backsplash to cabinets, and countertops, should have detailing and embellishments that look layered, but not too busy.

Here are our top eight basic features of traditional kitchens that you can incorporate into your dream kitchen remodel or custom home:

Decorative Details and Accessories

Picture wainscoting on the island or bar, corbels, custom range hoods, glass-front cabinets, even columns. Traditional kitchens are steeped in decorations, so be sure to add in elements of adornment!Ideas for decorative details in a traditional kitchen:

  • Carved details on the range hood
  • Backsplash with high-end materials like handmade tiles
  • Leaded-glass cabinet doors
  • Crown molding
  • Coffered ceilings
  • Beaded-board backsplash
  • Dark mahogany wood island or cabinets
  • Ornate tin ceiling
  • Patterned tile flooring and traditional kitchens go hand-in-hand
  • Wood furnishings including barstools, serving trays, and cutting boards

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Neutral Color Palette

Where modern or farmhouse kitchen designs favor crisp cool whites, traditional kitchens are all about a classic color palette. Traditional kitchens are known to imitate the outdoors. Incorporate neutrals like light beiges, grays, browns, and even deep colors like cherry or dark blue.

Furniture-Style Islands

Add character and old-world charm to your traditional kitchen with antique or vintage furniture pieces. Since the island is a focal point of your kitchen, using an ornate vintage/antique furniture piece will add warmth and a sense of grandiosity to your kitchen design.

Raised Panel Cabinets

Traditional kitchens focus on embellished cabinets rather than plain or simple cabinets.Forego Shaker or plain cabinet styles and install vintage raised panel, beaded, or classic raised panel style cabinets in your traditional kitchen. Glass-front cabinets can also be a beautiful and timeless feature in traditional kitchens!Incorporating custom raised panel or glass-front cabinets is easy with the Cabinet Chic! Call us today for a custom cabinet quote - (813) 876-6780!

Top off the High-end Design with Luxury Countertops

While quartz and marble, look fantastic in any kitchen, granite countertops are a beautiful feature in traditional style kitchens. Opt for countertops with a lot of movement in the pattern to add a luxurious feel to your space.

Simple Backsplashes

In a traditional kitchen, an overly busy backsplash can complicate the space and make it overwhelming for the eye to take in. There is already a lot going on with the details in a traditional kitchen so it is best to opt for a simple backsplash in terms of color, design, and material.

Ornate Lighting

This is a fun part of traditional kitchens, lighting! Decorative lighting is a great way to pull the whole traditional look together.Want to feel like a princess (or prince!) in your kitchen? A classic chandelier looks beautiful in a traditional style kitchen and enhances the ornate details in the room.

Antique Finishes + Glazed Cabinets

Staying within a neutral color palette, most traditional kitchens have cabinets that have unique antique style glazes or finishes. Stained cabinets are very popular in traditional kitchen design.A glazed cabinet finish is created by applying a semi-transparent color over a stained or painted cabinet which adds depth and dimension. The glaze is then hand-wiped off the surface which creates a darkened highlight along the profile of raised panel cabinets which accentuates every detail! Perfect for traditional kitchens!Step-up your traditional kitchen’s custom-made cabinets with our customized finishes! From hand-rubbed oil and glazed finished to highly intricate multi-step finishes, we can make your traditional kitchen cabinet dreams a reality!

Design Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets

Ultimately, a traditional kitchen should exude warmth and be inviting. When you’re remodeling your kitchen or beginning a traditional kitchen design, be mindful of including elements that bring in a sense of familiarity and charm. This feeling of warmth will help take your kitchen remodel to the next level and be a place you’ll want to spend hours with your family!At C & C Cabinets, we are ready to help make your traditional kitchen a reality! We offer made-to-order custom cabinetry. Highly ornate, haute couture cabinetry is our specialty. Create the kitchen of your dreams for your Tampa Bay home! Schedule a design consultation online or call (813) 876-6780 to chat with the Cabinet Chic.

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