February 17, 2021

All-White Design Still Meets Modern Trends

White kitchen and bath cabinetry – is the style to stay or is the trend moving on? We draw inspiration from images strewn across tv shows, magazines, Pinterest, and our neighbors' homes for their dinner parties (remember those?). What is it that makes your dream home yours?  Every piece in your home is something that speaks to you. Putting thought into how we design our cabinetry and common areas can be the key difference between living in a home and living in your home. While it can be a great backdrop for many design styles, all-white everything isn't always the best choice for your home. Be inspired by how to make all-white cabinetry meet current renovation trends.

Are All White Rooms Going Out of Style?

All-white is completely timeless and will never be out of style. It truly is a testament that timeless looks that can evolve. This year, we’ll see all-white get a refresh with:

  • Sustainable, natural materials (think natural luxury)
  • Swags and Easy-to-use Fixtures
  • Bold Accents like lighting, trim, and ceilings
  • Handmade Goods
  • Unique Rugs
  • Streamlined Designs (materials and textures)

With bolder Colors of the Year like Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze and Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal, the timeless white on kitchen cabinets isn‘t as popular as it once was. Instead, we’ll continue to see hints of all-out custom cabinetry with deep blues, greens, and hues inspired by nature are wonderful choices for creating a great warm mood in your home if you’re looking to keep your cabinetry on trend. Being bold in designing is what creates these trends, and C&C Cabinetry can bring your dream home to life. Call our custom cabinet design team today!

Where Did All-White Interiors Come From?

All white is a staple in designs and interior design concepts going back for ages. Did you know that Roman times even mentioned all-white coloring and styling (always chicly ahead of their time)? Syrie Maugham designed the first all-white space in Chelsea in 1927. And truly pure white coloring is relatively recent starting in 1940.The aesthetic has become a staple in many homes across the country from high-end estates to cozy farmhouses and modern beach homes to vintage craftsmen. White cabinets will always be a staple design choice, in our opinion. But thinking beyond simply all white everything will allow your white cabinets from becoming anything but boring. Instead of all white on white, white kitchen cabinets are now being coupled with a variety of color, tones, or textures. Concepts like pairing with custom tile, different color areas (like the island or a shelving section), or other unique elements keep a mainly white palette from becoming too stark. If you love the white cabinet look, but want to bring in standout elements to your home, during your design consultation we’ll discuss some of our favorite complements to all-white cabinets that we’ve done that could suit your aesthetic.

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Traditional Meets Modern Trends

Revitalizing the classic white kitchen look doesn’t have to be a challenge. All-white may be sometimes critiqued for being a little boring— but the rationale behind your decision is concrete: 1) it will never go out of style 2) it speaks to your personal aesthetic. You're not alone in adoring the look; Houzz's trend report found 43% of renovating homeowners opted for white cabinets.

What’s in style for home cabinetry design right now?  

  • Patterns are here to stay (you can go tone on tone and mix materials with all white to give your home a chic style)
  • Don’t be afraid to mix in something new - you can add two-toned which is still a very popular look – You might have the upper cabinets finished in painted white while, the complimenting base cabinetry, is a natural wood look adding an accent to this finish.
  • Dark colors are becoming the new neutrals and can ground your space. Use them on the ceiling, with patterned tile, or even a section of custom cabinetry to accent an area like a coffee area or bar.
  • Add effective storage and complement all-white design with florals and a unique touch like wood beadboard ceilings to help ground the room

We believe understanding that design and concepts are evolving is crucial. Being at the forefront of where these changes are taking us is something the designers at C&C Cabinets prides ourselves on. Call our Tampa Bay custom cabinetry builders for a consultation today!

C&C Cabinets Meets Your Vision

Although many home renovation shows have designers select all-white cabinetry, like us, they mix it up patterns and natural luxury. This helps to create visual interest and captivate the otherwise all-white color palete. We take this same attention to detail and in understanding your unique vision, bring custom-made dream homes to life. Here, extraordinary starts with us and lives with you.  

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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