February 5, 2024

Color of the Month: Regent Green

Are you ready to infuse your living space with the tranquility of a forest retreat?

At C & C Cabinets, we love all things green, and this month, we are thrilled to unveil our color of the month: Regent Green by Benjamin Moore. This luscious deep green shade, bordering on black, captures the essence of a dark pine forest and promises to add drama to any room.  

Whether you're seeking to revamp your bathroom or living room cabinets or transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary, this color is sure to make a statement!  

So join us as we explore this deep, dark, green hue and get tips on how to infuse it seamlessly into each room of your home!  

The Versatility of Regent Green

There's truly no limit to the creative ways you can incorporate Regent Green into your home decor.  

From bold and dramatic to subtle and calming, this adaptable color is ready to transform any space into your home.


Starting with the walls, consider using this green as a feature wall color. This immediately creates a strong, yet calming backdrop to your room. Try coupling it with white trim for a crisp, modern look.  

Don't shy away from playing with different finishes – a matte finish will give a sophisticated touch while a glossy finish can create a stunning, luxurious feel.  

Custom Furniture & Built-Ins

If you're not ready to commit to painting your walls green, this tone can be used on custom furniture like tables or chairs, or even built-in bars and cabinetry in the living room.  

Cabinet Chic Tip: When deciding on a color for custom furniture and built-ins, keep in mind that subtle details can make a big impact. Use Regent Green as an accent for drawer handles, cabinet trim, or shelving backing to create an unexpected hint of color.

Bathroom Cabinetry

In the bathroom, this deep greenish black effortlessly pairs with a variety of styles, from vintage to ultra-modern, and creates a spa-like environment that beckons you into unwinding.  

If the idea of a whole bathroom in this green shade seems daunting, why not opt for just the cabinetry? A vanity or built-in shelves finished in Regent Green will establish a focal point and give your bathroom a pop of color. To enhance the ambiance further, team it up with gold accents or brass fittings for a stunning retreat.  

Kitchen Pantries & Cabinets

In the kitchen pantry and cabinets, consider painting the insides of open shelves or glass-fronted cabinets with this green hue for an unexpected but delightful surprise when opening them.  

Another approach is to use this dark tone on the underside of your kitchen cabinets. This splash of color can add character to your kitchen space while creating a unique visual impact.

Millwork & Architectural Accents

Consider painting your interior doors, crown moldings, or window trims with this rich and timeless shade. The deepness of Regent Green can create a striking contrast against neutral walls, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a bold statement within their living space.

Don't overlook the potential of using this shade on exterior millwork such as shutters or front door accents to make a memorable first impression when friends and family come to visit.  

Mixing and Matching: Best Color Combinations with Regent Green

For an immediate visual appeal, consider integrating Regent Green with other hues that are either complementary or analogous to the color wheel.  

Cream or Beige

For a serene feel, try pairing this dark green with cream or beige tones. These colors work wonderfully together, creating a harmonious, warm, and comforting atmosphere. If your goal is to create a space that invites relaxation, this could be the perfect color combination for you.  

Whites & Greys

It's hard to go wrong with this classic pairing. The bright, pure character of white provides a strong contrast to the deep, tranquil feeling of Regent Green. Meanwhile, different shades of gray, from light heather to deep charcoal, can create an elegant and balanced setting.  

Shades of Pink

For a touch of the unexpected, try pairing this blackish-green with hues of pink. The depth of Regent Green creates a bold backdrop that perfectly accentuates the warmth and liveliness of pink.  

Go Blue

From the softness of baby blue to the richness of navy, the soothing nature of blues perfectly compliments the richness of Regent Green, resulting in an opulent yet comforting environment.

Credit: Leanne Ford Interiors


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Invigorate Your Space

Choosing custom cabinetry, built-ins, furniture, and millwork finished in Regent Green can truly invigorate any space and elevate the overall aesthetic. The timeless appeal of this dark green shade combined with our expert craftsmanship ensures that your home will exude a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Embrace the opportunity to revitalize your surroundings and experience the transformative power of custom cabinetry from C & C Cabinets! Don't miss out on having happiness built in! Contact us today for a design consultation!

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