February 6, 2023

Is Custom-Built Furniture Worth It?

When it comes to furniture, there are countless options available that can suit any style and budget. But if you're looking for something truly exceptional, custom-built furniture is the way to go.  

Whether it's custom built-ins or unique furniture pieces, hand-built furniture offers you the chance to create something that is made specifically for your style and space. It allows you to make decisions about everything from color and materials to shape and size.

So, is custom-built furniture worth it? We certainly think so! Here’s why!

Why Custom?

When your home is your sanctuary, you want to create an environment that you love. To do so, it makes sense to invest in custom-built furniture. In addition to having something made just for you, custom-made furniture tends to last longer and is more durable than mass-produced furniture.  

Some of the most popular types of custom furniture that we build are:

We believe that everyone deserves a space that is full of items that spark joy, and custom-built furniture is just one way to have happiness built in!  

The Benefits of Custom-Built Furniture

Here are just a few benefits of having a unique item designed and crafted just for you.  

#1. Quality

By far the best aspect of custom-made furniture is its value and quality. Custom pieces made from high-quality materials will stand the test of time.  

A lot of care and craftsmanship goes into handcrafted pieces, versus mass-produced furniture made on an assembly line.  

#2. Uniqueness

When investing in custom furniture, you will notice that you have a wide selection of materials and finishes to choose from. This gives you a lot more control during the process!

No two pieces of handcrafted furniture are alike, making them truly special additions to your home. This is a great way to capture your desired aesthetic and add personality to your space! Plus, customs allow you to find furniture that fits your home like a glove.  

  • Have a small alcove where nothing fits? Consider a built-in bookcase or seating area.
  • Need a table that accommodates your family? Ponder designing a custom table.
  • Have a collection of vintage glass pieces with nowhere to display them? Have a custom hutch built.  
  • Want something a little more unique than a store-bought TV stand? Think about living room built-ins or a custom furniture piece.  

See? The possibilities are endless once you get a little creative!  

#3. Longevity

In the long run, when you compare two pieces of furniture of similar quality or design, custom pieces are more economical. Even though the initial cost might be a little higher for a custom piece, ultimately, the longevity of these one-of-a-kind handmade pieces makes those costs worth it.  

From pieces that will travel with you for a lifetime, to built-ins that will raise your home's value, custom-built furniture is truly an investment worth making!  

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Transform Your Home with Handcrafted Furniture

Custom handcrafted furniture can be a great way to transform your home and give it character. Whether you want something modern or rustic, choosing custom-built furniture is the best way to get exactly what you want.  

The possibilities to have happiness built-in are endless when you design a custom piece of furniture, millwork, or built-ins with our artisans at C & C Cabinets! Contact us for a design consultation today!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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The Finest Finishes

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