May 6, 2021

Custom Millwork Ideas and Options

Custom millwork can add warmth and old-world charm to your home’s interior. Nothing can compare to the appeal of wood tones throughout a house! Besides being beautiful, custom millwork can add value to your home and extra functionality as well.

At C & C Cabinets, we are proud to offer handcrafted millwork made from fine wood, designed to meet your unique needs. Our local craftsmen share how to add custom millwork to your home!

What is Millwork?

Millwork is the woodwork such as cabinets, doors, trim, crown molding, built-in bookcases, media centers, fireplaces, and much more!Custom millwork makes a beautiful addition to your home because it gives it instant character and warmth, creates a finished look, and transforms spaces in your home without having to do a complete renovation.Crafted millwork also enables you to get more use out of your home. Depending on your project, millwork can give you more storage space, open up floor space, and make your home more unique.

Types of Wood

When choosing wood for custom millwork, homeowners must consider the strength, rot resistance, grain, color, and softness of the wood. Our design specialists at C & C Cabinets can help walk you through choosing wood that is best suited for your project. These are the most common types of wood we use for handcrafted millwork:

  • White Oak: This wide-grained hardwood is often used in cabinetry and furniture and pairs well with other woods.
  • Walnut: Desired for its deep brown color, walnut has a heavier grain. It can be more expensive than other hardwoods.
  • Fir: This wood is quite versatile and is compatible with a variety of stains from light to dark.
  • Birch: A hard medium-weight wood with a reddish-tint and a fine grain. Commonly used in millwork and furniture making.
  • Cherry: This beautiful wood is relatively hard and has a fine grain that produces a beautiful finish. It's tone is deep-reddish brown.

Scroll down to see beautiful handcrafted millwork ideas from the Cabinet Chic!


Wainscoting is a great way to stylishly safeguard walls that tend to take a beating like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms, though it can be used anywhere in the home. From painted to stained, wainscoting is available in a variety of patterns and styles to suit almost any aesthetic.

Basically, wainscoting is made up of decorative boards or panels, and moldings that extend partially up a wall’s face and have been around since the 1300s. Wainscoting is a beautiful way to protect your walls from gardening shoes in the mudroom, fingerprints in the kitchen, and inevitable scuffs in hallways and stairways.

Kitchen Cabinetry & Millwork

No kitchen is truly complete with the addition of custom millwork. Make the most of your kitchen space with custom-made cabinetry that is unique to your space and adequately fits your needs. Further, a built-in refrigerator cabinet can help hide your refrigerator adding design value to your home. The kitchen is one of the rooms that home buyers put the most value on when choosing a home, and unique custom millwork can help a house sell more quickly. We recommend custom kitchen cabinetry for homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen and add value to their home.

Don’t forget about the faces of your cabinets! They offer a great opportunity to make beautiful design decisions to fit traditional, modern, cottage, minimal, farmhouse house decor.

Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture, such as bookshelves in the living room, media centers, desks, wine storage, bars, make use of available space and help organize spaces throughout the house.The best thing about custom-made built-ins is that they can be designed around or to fit even the most awkward or small spaces, so you can maximize the functionality of your space.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is not only decorative, it helps clean up the area where the walls and ceiling meet.  Further, when done right, crown molding can help draw your eye up making the ceiling feel higher. There are many styles of crown molding to choose from for various architectural styles including Greek Revival, Classic Colonial, Arts & Crafts, historic French chateau, Victorian, and more! You can even find sleek elegant modern styled molding with less detail if that is your design aesthetic.

A fun way to use crown molding is in a small powder room or office area, to help draw the eye up and distract from the tininess of the room. Be aware though, a heavy crown in a small room can overwhelm the space and may feel oppressive.

Custom Home Office & Library

After a hard day’s work, what’s better than curling up with a glass of wine and a good book? Nothing completes a home office or library space like custom built-in bookshelves and cabinets. This type of millwork is as attractive as it is functional.

Custom Millwork to Fit Your Unique Style

From built-ins to custom kitchen cabinets, and beautiful millwork, the Cabinet Chic can transform your space into a couture space that you will love! We specialize in custom-made millwork and cabinets and can create beautiful design solutions to fit your home’s aesthetic. Have happiness built-in, call the Cabinet Chic for a custom millwork design consultation today: (813) 876-6780!  

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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The Finest Finishes

Beauty can’t last only as long as the reveal. We pride ourselves in selecting the right finish & proper application, resulting in a durable finish that remains beautifully functional for years to come.

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