October 10, 2023

Small Spaces, Big Impact: Transform Your Room with a Murphy Bed

Whether you need space in your home office for guests to stay, or are ready to transform your guest room to be more functional, a custom-built Murphy bed from C & C Cabinets can be just the answer!

The perfect combination of functionality and style, these custom beds bring a unique yet organized touch to your small spaces because they:  

  • Maximizing Space: Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or folding beds, capitalize on your vertical space. When not in use, they can be conveniently folded up against the wall, opening up floor space and functionality.
  • Dual-Purpose Rooms: You don't have to sacrifice your office, den, or playroom for guests anymore. With a wall bed installed, these rooms can effortlessly switch between their daily use and becoming cozy guest rooms when needed.
  • Customizability: At C & C Cabinets, our Murphy beds are custom-built. You can personalize them to fit with your existing room décor and design preferences, bringing a unique finishing touch to your room.

Join us as we explore tips on how to design a folding bed that will perfectly fit your space!  

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A Bed That Disappears: The Magic of a Murphy Bed

With a custom wall bed, you'll get a stylish, comfortable bed that conveniently folds away when not in use, delivering maximum functionality without eating up valuable room.  

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of a Murphy bed is its ability to simply disappear when not needed. Ideal for small homes, condos, or multi-functional rooms, it delivers a sleep solution without using any floor space during the day.

Plus, they can serve multiple purposes. With built-in extras like shelves, desks, or wardrobes they can easily double up as a home office, library, or dressing room. Nice!

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Customizing Your Design

Whether your design aesthetic is traditional, rustic, modern, or even a beautiful blend of styles, there’s a custom folding bed waiting to revolutionize your small space!  

The smaller the space, the greater the impact. With a Murphy bed from C&C Cabinets, every square foot counts!

Timeless Elegance

If your style leans towards the traditional, consider an ornate design, perhaps with a rich mahogany finish or carved wood detailing.

These elements will not only compliment your room decor but also infuse a sense of undisputed elegance into your space.  

Nature's Charm

For those who love the earthy, wholesome allure of rustic design, a wooden folding bed with a distressed finish could be the perfect fit.

Compared to more sleek styles, a rustic design can bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to your room. Think distressed paint, barnwood, or reclaimed wood finishes for a touch of nature's charm.  

Minimalistic Splendor

But what if you're a fan of modern design? Well, there’s a Murphy bed for you too! From high-gloss finishes to minimalist hardware, we can seamlessly blend your wall bed with your contemporary decor to deliver a look of minimalistic splendor.  

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Shelving Options

With a bespoke Murphy bed, there's no need to compromise on storage space. Exciting shelving options you can integrate to maximize your room's potential include:

  • Bookshelves: A perfect choice for bookworms. With built-in bookshelves, your prized collection will always be within arm's reach. Create a cozy reading nook that transforms into a comfy bed when it's time to sleep!
  • Cabinets: Ideal for stashing away larger items or seasonal possessions, integrated cabinet systems make effective use of space and keep the room clutter-free.
  • Hidden compartments: Imagine having secret storage spots that others won’t even notice! This offers perfect places to hide your treasures.
  • Display shelves: You can showcase your collectibles or family pictures with these beautiful additions. It not only adds personality to your space but also maximizes functional storage.

Remember, the goal is not just to save space, but to make your space work for you. Each of the shelving options can be custom-tailored to your space and style preferences. This way, your Murphy bed becomes more than a place to sleep - it becomes a reflection of your personality.

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Have Happiness Built-In

There's nothing like custom! Our craftsmen at C & C Cabinets can build a unique Murphy bed tailored to your style, bringing functionality and design into perfect harmony. The power to transform small spaces into high-impact living areas is literally at your fingertips!  

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