September 26, 2023

Create Your Perfect Cozy Nook: All About Custom Window Seats

Ready to bring comfort, style, and functionality into your home? Well, with custom window seats you can! No longer just for Victorian-style homes, these timeless seating solutions add value to modern houses, too. However, designing the perfect window nook requires careful planning.

Whether you crave a cozy reading spot or are seeking additional storage space, custom built-ins offer a convenient and stylish solution. Not sure where to start when designing your dream space? Follow these tips from The Cabinet Chic!  

custom window seat in foyer of home

The Benefits of Custom Window Seats

Introducing custom window seats into your home enriches your living space in several meaningful ways. More than simply a seating solution, these unique installations provide a wealth of benefits that go beyond the norm.  

  • Added Storage Space: These custom spaces often come with built-in storage under the seating area. This can be an excellent place to store everything from books to blankets, making your living space more organized.
  • Increase in Property Value: A beautiful window seat can potentially increase the property value. It is considered an upscale addition to a home and is appealing to many prospective homebuyers.
  • Additional Seating: Window benches or alcoves provide extra seating without taking up a lot of space, perfect when you have guests or large families.
  • Personal Retreat: An elegantly crafted nook can be your retreat where you can enjoy looking out the window, catch up on some reading, or simply unwind with a cup of tea.
custom window seat nook with mattress and pillows

Custom Window Seats for Every Room

Let's explore ways to add these fun custom alcoves to each area of your home!  

Living Rooms

Custom window seats or benches can enhance the warmth of your living room environment. They are perfect for creating a reading nook, or a comfy place for guests.  

  • Consider adding built-in bookshelves on either side of your window seat, creating a mini library and a charming focal point.
  • Utilize the space under the seat for hidden storage. Perfect for stowing away throw blankets or extra cushions.


In bedrooms, window nooks can create a serene escape for personal reflection or simply to enjoy the view outside.  

  • If your room features a large window, complement it with a wide bench seat to create a daybed-like area. Wrap it with fluffy pillows and soft throws to create a cozy nook.
  • Bedroom window seats can also function as an additional dresser. Design the storage to incorporate drawers or shelves for clothing and accessories.


Creating a window alcove in the kitchen area is both aesthetic and practical: it enhances the overall design of your room while also providing a cozy spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee or breakfast.

  • A built-in with hidden storage is perfect for storing your kitchen utensils or tableware. You can use cushions and pillows to make the seat more comfortable.
  • A dining nook is ideal if your kitchen window overlooks a beautiful view. You can create a cozy booth for meals, complemented by soft, plush cushions. The table should be small and scaled to the size of the bench.

Home Office

A stylish, comfortable window seat goes a long way in improving the ambiance of your home office. It boosts productivity by providing you with a change of scenery within your own working space.

  • Opt for a classic corner window seat to optimize your working space. Lined with plush cushions and accompanied by a miniature side table, this setup can provide a cozy reading or brainstorming spot.
  • A bench-desk window seat is both an innovative and utilitarian addition. With a built-in desk on the side, you can enjoy the view outside while focusing on your work indoors.
  • If you require extra storage, consider a window seat with slide-out drawers. Keep your files and office essentials neatly stored and easily accessible.
white window seat with bottom cabinets with pillows

Storage Solutions for Your Custom Window Seats

Storage solutions to consider incorporating include:

Built-in Drawers

Under the seat, you can incorporate pull-out drawers, providing ample space to store knick-knacks, seasonal items, or children's toys.

One of the benefits of drawers is that they maintain the smooth, uninterrupted lines of your window seat, giving it a neat and polished appearance. Additionally, they provide easy access to stored items, making it convenient for day-to-day usage.

Flip-Open Seats

This involves transforming the entire seat into a storage box. With a hinged opening, you can hide items like bulky blankets, or even books.

Additionally, this design enhances easy cleanup and makes the space more efficient, eliminating the need for extra storage furniture.


You may consider installing pocket doors or sliding doors under the window bench for a series of small cabinets. This is an excellent option for displaying decor while keeping things tidy. Custom cabinets are both functional and stylish, adding an element of sophistication to your custom window seat.  

Cabinet Chic Tip: Consider your storage needs and the functionality you want your window seat to have. Keep in mind that while cabinets may be aesthetically appealing, drawers or hinged seats can offer more functional storage for larger items.

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