July 6, 2023

Say Goodbye to Clutter with a Built-In Wardrobe

Say GOODBYE to messy rooms and HELLO to an organized oasis with the help of a built-in wardrobe!

Are you tired of constantly battling clutter in your home? Do you find yourself struggling to find enough storage space for all your belongings? If so, it may be time to consider a game-changing solution – a custom wardrobe.  

With the ability to maximize storage and eliminate clutter, a built-in wardrobe offers a practical and stylish solution that will transform the way you organize your belongings.  

Get ready to declutter and reclaim control over your home with inspiration from the Cabinet Chic!  

custom dark stained bathroom wardrobe by the Cabinet Chic

The Basics of Built-In Wardrobes

If you're not familiar with the genius concept of a built-in wardrobe AKA a “fitted” wardrobe, let us break it down for you!  

Built-in wardrobes are custom-made storage solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your living space.

These wardrobes are designed specifically for your home, utilizing every inch of available space and maximizing organization possibilities.

No matter the size or shape of your room, built-in cabinets can be tailor-made to fit perfectly into any nook or cranny. Whether you want floor-to-ceiling storage or prefer a sleek and minimalistic design, fitted wardrobes can be customized to match your style and requirements. Nice!

gray custom wardrobe with mirror and closet

Where Should I Install a Built-in Wardrobe?

If you think that fitted wardrobes are only meant for the bedroom, think again! You can install custom built-in wardrobes in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even home offices!


Whether you have a small or large bedroom, this ingenious storage solution offers numerous benefits that will revolutionize the way you utilize your closet space.

Unlike standard freestanding wardrobes, these custom-made closets are designed specifically for your bedroom's dimensions and layout. This means no wasted space and every inch is utilized effectively to accommodate all your belongings—from clothes and shoes to accessories and more!  


Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and messy shelves once and for all! When designed with various compartments and shelves, you can easily store all your toiletries, towels, and even cleaning supplies in a custom-fitted wardrobe.  

From towels to cosmetics and everything in between, built-in wardrobes make efficient use of every inch of space.

Yes, this custom storage solution allows you to make use of every inch of available space, whether it's tucked into an unused corner or integrated seamlessly into the bathroom wall.  

Laundry Rooms

When it comes to laundry rooms, one thing is certain—storage space is always at a premium. That's where built-in wardrobes come in as the ultimate solution! These wardrobes can transform your laundry room into a highly organized haven.  

From detergent bottles to fabric softener sheets, you can easily arrange everything neatly behind closed doors. No more searching high and low for that elusive stain remover or struggling to find matching pairs of socks!

Plus, with designated compartments and shelves, you will have everything within arm's reach, making sorting and folding a breeze. Yes!  

Home Office

One of the great advantages of a fitted wardrobe in your home office is the abundance of storage it provides. With its multiple compartments, shelves, and drawers, you'll have ample space to organize all your files, books, and office supplies.  

The best part? Their sleek design offers seamless integration with the rest of your office decor.

What Elements to Include

By including specific elements in your custom built-ins, you can maximize storage capacity while adding a touch of elegance to your room.

  • Consider the size and layout of your wardrobe. Custom cabinetry allows you to design a wardrobe that perfectly fits your space, whether it's a small nook or an entire wall. Make sure to take accurate measurements and plan accordingly.  

  • Think about the interior features that will best suit your needs. Including adjustable shelves will allow you to easily accommodate different-sized items such as folded clothes or shoes. Adding hanging rods at different heights is also a great idea for maximum flexibility.

  • Don't forget about adding drawers. These drawers can help keep small items neat & tidy while ensuring easy access whenever needed.

Taking It Up a Notch

If you want to take your built-in wardrobe to the next level you may want to consider:

  • Wallpaper: Not only will the wallpaper make the inside of your wardrobe visually appealing, but it will also create a delightful surprise every time you open its doors. You can choose from an array of patterns, and colors, or even opt for a subtle textured design to add depth.  

  • Jib Doors: This clever addition will not only hide your wardrobe from view but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. With a jib door, you can seamlessly blend your wardrobe into the surrounding decor, creating a seamless and cohesive look. No one will even know that you have a built-in wardrobe until you open the door!

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custom glass front wardrobe

Have Happiness Built-In

Finally bid farewell to clutter in any room of your house with a custom storage solution from C & C Cabinets! With a wide range of custom finishes and millwork options, we can create a wardrobe that perfectly fits your style and needs in any room in the house; no matter how awkward the space!

What are you waiting for? Say HELLO to an organized and stylish home by contacting The Cabinet Chic at 813-876-6780 today!

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