May 1, 2024

Design Brief: Floating Bathroom Vanities

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and been struck by its minimalist elegance? An airy, open space that seems larger than it truly is? If you're nodding in agreement, chances are high that you've seen the magic of a floating bathroom vanity. These innovative, space-saving pieces cater to that much cherished clean, modern aesthetic, while simultaneously creating the illusion of a larger room.  

In the realm of bathroom design, the floating bathroom vanity is a gorgeous game changer. It is the epitome of form-meeting function, offering storage without visually weighing down your space.

This design guide will discuss why floating vanities are taking modern bathroom designs by storm, and give you the expert tips from The Cabinet Chic on how to incorporate them into your home. Let's transform your bathroom into an uncluttered sanctuary!

dark wood custom bathroom vanity

What is a Floating Vanity?

Floating vanities are wall-mounted units that do not extend to the floor. They offer a significant departure from the traditional floor-standing vanities. Be it a compact space or a spacious luxury bathroom; these vanities have gained immense popularity in home design.  

  • Modern and Chic: Floating vanities bring a contemporary vibe to your bathroom. Their seemingly gravity-defying setup effortlessly imparts a sleek look.
  • Space-saving efficiency: These vanities are a great solution for enhancing the perception of space in your bathroom. By elevating them from the floor, you can visually extend the floor area, making your bathroom look bigger than it is.
  • Customizable: You get creative control over the size, design, and placement of your floating vanity, making it a unique feature in your bathroom.

Plus, despite their sleek design, floating vanities don't sacrifice storage space. With clever design, when we build these vanities can provide ample room to store toiletries, bathroom accessories, and other essentials neatly out of sight!  

With a floating vanity, you can create a harmonious blend of modernity and style; it's an inventive way to bring charisma to your bathroom design while enjoying practical benefits. Trust us, it will be a wow-moment every time someone asks you where your bathroom is.

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custom marble floating vanity

Top Design Tips for a Fantastic Floating Vanity

Creating that stunning, minimalistic look with a floating wood vanity is all about your design choices. Designer Miriam Johnson, provides her top insights for achieving the ideal setup:  

#1. Size Matters

The size of your vanity is crucial, not just for the overall look, but also for functionality. Choose a size that complements the rest of your room, without overpowering the space. Our craftsmen will meticulously measure to get the exact fit!  

#2. Storage Preferences

Floating vanities can offer significant storage space – even without going to the floor. Consider how much storage you need in your bathroom and customize a vanity that can accommodate your needs.

modern metal modern style vanity

#3. Color Scheme

We love color here at the shop! Keep your color palette light and simple to give your bathroom a spacious, clean feeling. White, off-white, and pastel shades are all fantastic options. Or if you truly want to make a statement, go bold with a darker color like black, navy, or a deep shade of green.  

#4. The Perfect Pairings

Pay attention to your plumbing fixtures, lighting, and mirrors, as they can make or break a look. Complement your new custom-built vanity with perfectly paired accessories for a cohesive and clean finish.  

We love the look of copper or gold accents alongside dark-painted cabinetry or striking black fixtures and hardware with white or light gray cabinets. Plan for equally noteworthy lighting around the vanity, keeping in mind task lighting for tasks such as grooming and decorative lighting to highlight the vanity area.

rustic wooden floating vanity

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Elevate Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Floating bathroom vanities offer a sleek aesthetic that can elevate the overall design of any bathroom space. Their clean lines and minimalistic approach provide a sense of openness that is both purposeful and stylish. With a variety of materials, finishes, and configurations available, there is no limit to the creativity and customization that can be achieved by our team at C & C Cabinets.  

We are excited to work with you to create a floating vanity that not only enhances the practicality of your bathroom but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Contact The Cabinet Chic today to begin the design process and bring your vision to life!

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