March 23, 2021

5 Master Closet Must Haves

Your master closet is not just an extension of your home’s design aesthetic, it can be something completely unique! A master closet can be a great chance to express yourself in your design and how you choose to greet yourself in the morning. If you are unsure of where to start when designing a custom master closet, C & C Cabinets discusses master closet must haves for your home renovation project:

custom master closet with hanging storage

Drawers & Shelving

Mornings can be rough, so why not make them a little easier with a beautiful master closet to wake up to? To get maximum functionality, make ample use of drawers and shelves in your custom closet. I learned early “if you can’t build out, build up”. Applying this principle to your master closet can not only save space but also valuable time and give you a few precious moments to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee before joining the morning traffic mad-rush. This is a great time to consider our custom cabinetry options, as creating the perfect shelving for sometimes awkward, unconventional spaces can be difficult to find in a store. Have a small or awkwardly shaped space? Contact the Cabinet Chic to design a custom master closet to maximize the space that you have so you can enjoy your morning routine! Call us today for a custom closet cabinetry quote –813-876-6780.

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Accent Lighting

Lighting can make or break just about any space imaginable, but most of us overlook the value of adding or modifying the lighting in our closet areas.Whether your closet is dim due to a lack of windows, or the lighting just isn’t cutting it, now is the time to consider customizing your accent lighting to fit your space and what you want to showcase or highlight.

What pieces do you own that make you, you?  

Maybe your pride and joy is the shoe collection you’ve amassed over the years or your vast chest of watches that you’ve compiled since your first real job, this can be a moment to accent the things about yourself, and bring a little light into your life and daily routines. Looking for something to make your accent lighting “pop” just a touch more? This is where choosing the right cabinet finish can make a huge difference. Consider a darker color for earthier tones in your wardrobe, or a more “white on white” color palette, if less traditional colors tend to dominate your hangers or shelves.

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master closet shoe storage

Shoe Storage

Your shoes deserve a dream closet.  Shoe collections aren’t going to manage themselves. If you love shoes and have a big collection, it can become a nightmare when you’re trying to figure out what you’ll do with your pieces in between wearing them. Designing and customizing your personal display case can be the next exciting step in managing your walk-in closet, so consider this as an option the next time you’re picking your kicks for the day. Kick off your heels and call the Cabinet Chic! Custom cabinetry design can save you from making the overlapping trips to your local hardware store and searching hours on end for “the right” display case. Our affordable and customizable options allow you to get exactly what you’re looking for the first time, along with our professional installation team to ensure your satisfaction.

His & Hers

Designing and building a functional space for a married couple can be a challenge. But one that the Cabinet Chic is ready to take on! Deciding which of his stuff goes here, and where some of her stuff will go can make it seem like things are coming together in all the wrong ways sometimes. That’s why sometimes just building out spaces to house your own style can be the best solution.Make use of all of your space without feeling cluttered, by giving each of you areas to spread out and simplify your spaces with “his and hers” cabinets or shelving. Even choosing to decide on special finishes can make the difference between differentiating his favorites from hers, while also merging two tastes beautifully and seamlessly.

Design a Custom Closet with the Cabinet Chic

A custom-made master closet can make your daily routines a joy and transform a dysfunctional space into a beautiful and functional one! From shelving and drawers to custom closet cabinetry and elegant finishes, call the Cabinet Chic for all your custom closet needs! Ready for a custom master closet makeover? Reach out to C & C Cabinets for a free design consultation! We would love to help you create a custom space that gives you everything you need to have the best closet space that you’ve ever had!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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The Finest Finishes

Beauty can’t last only as long as the reveal. We pride ourselves in selecting the right finish & proper application, resulting in a durable finish that remains beautifully functional for years to come.

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