November 8, 2021

Stunning Wine Cellar Room Ideas

Did you know that C&C Cabinets can help you bring the wine cellar of your dreams to life? When it comes to creating an entertainer’s dream, we are all for it. Our craftsmen can create a show-stopping custom wine room perfect for your home with the right materials, styling, and stunning finishes.

Designing a Custom Wine Cellar

Your wine collection deserves to be the showpiece in your home. Whether traditional or sleek and modern, C&C Cabinets can help you design your cellar to highlight your wine collecting story.  

Here are some ideas to create your chic custom wine cellar:

Glass Wine Cellars

Best for showcasing a smaller collection, glass wine cellars are great underneath stairs. An all-glass design will give you a modern appearance of floating wine bottles.

Peg Wine Rack System

This system allows wine bottles to be supported horizontally on pegs attached to a board on the wall. Backlit panels make for a spectacular backdrop. Plus, the pegs are configurable for wine collections of any size.  

Secret Storage

Convert a kitchen island, pantry, or other storage space into a wine cellar with a climate-control system, custom shelving, and lighting. Keeping the same design scheme as the existing cabinetry brings uniformity to the area.

Keep in mind that warmer spaces like kitchens aren’t ideal for storing wine for the long term. We’ll tour your home during our consultation and help you pick the perfect place for your custom wine room.  

Wood + Metal Wine Racks

Ranging from contemporary to farmhouse-style fine wine cellars, wood and metal wine racks can be freestanding custom wine racks or smaller, shelf-like wall-mounted ones, including glass or iron for a dramatic effect.

Wine Cabinets

These enclosed closets appear like a piece of furniture. Adding a climate-control system with a custom wine racking system inside takes it to the next level.

Want to add a chic cellar to your home? Talk to a design expert or fill out a request for a free 3D wine cellar design and price estimate from the Cabinet Chic!

Creating the Perfect Storage Space for Your Wine Collection

So, what makes a good wine cellar? We prefer to start with a dark, closed space, away from vibrations, noise or smells, and the area should be well ventilated, especially if it is very damp. Musty smells can contaminate your wine bottles. With climate-controlled conditions, you can allow your wine to mature in the bottle, improving its flavor, aroma, and complexity.

These are the critical storage factors that could make or break your wine collection’s quality and market value:


The ideal temperature for the storage and long-term aging of wine is 45-65 degrees, with 50-58 degrees the ideal. When not temperature controlled, the wine can breathe through the cork, causing it to age faster.


Wine is very volatile to humidity, and we’ve got a lot of it in Tampa Bay! High humidity may cause mold to form on the cork as well as damage to the labels. Low humidity may cause organic corks to dry out quickly, compromising the seal. Wine is best maintained in the 50-70% range, with 57% the sweet spot.


Direct sunlight can make wine go bad by creating a reaction to its phenolic compounds, particularly in light-bodied wines.  


The flavor and aroma of wine can be spoiled by passing the energy of vibrations into a chemical aging process. Sediments can’t separate from the liquid when a bottle of wine vibrates. This causes lower tartaric acid and succinic acid levels, affecting taste.  

Between the light and the vibrations, we’ll want to put the custom wine room away from your floor-to-ceiling, panoramic windows.

Organizing Your New Personal Wine Cellar

When it’s time to grab a bottle of wine, you don't want to put the party on hold while you search for the perfect bottle. Here’s how to organize your new custom wine room:  

  • Assign sections by wine type (red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert varieties).
  • Organize by vintage then varietal. Grab cute tags that you can write the vintage, varietal, and vineyard. Put a dot or sticker on any tags that are more “everyday wines” that are easier to replace.  
  • Use a system to track your wines like an Excel or Google sheet or a free app like Cellartracker. Remember, many wines are meant for short-term storage. Keeping track of what you have helps keep your wines tasting their best. As you savor your wine, you can reminisce about the life stories behind the bottle.

How C&C Cabinets Can Help Build Your Custom Wine Cellar

Drink in stellar home design! Here, we believe in happiness built-in. Outside of our passion for our families, Christ, and craft, enjoying a wonderful glass of wine is high up on our list.  

The designers at C&C Cabinets can help you design, build, and maintain your custom wine cellar seamlessly. We can also help you identify the best location for your wine cellar as well as the right size and configuration for a truly chic space. Plus, we can utilize materials to complement your unique design aesthetic.  

Contact the Cabinet Chic to schedule a consultation for your Tampa home today!

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