March 8, 2022

Transform Your Closet into a Chic Boutique

There’s nothing like walking into your favorite boutique; it’s like stepping into another beautiful world.  With everything laid out in such a visually pleasing way and surrounded by tasteful décor, the vibe of a boutique has the power to brighten our moods. If only you could just take one home with you, turning your closet into a mini boutique… Well, why not!?

From functional pieces to retail layouts, it's time to turn your basic closet into a completely Chic Boutique! Now, that’s happiness built in every time you go in to decide what to wear.  

Here are unique ways you can design your closet to function just like your favorite boutique straight from the Cabinet Chic!

Think Boutique with Your Custom Closet

What do you notice when you walk into a boutique or any higher-end clothing store? Not only is everything easy to find, but the store makes use of its space with furniture. The key to organization is nice furniture and storage, so we’ll be looking at the best pieces to transform your closet into a beautifully, functional paradise.

While piecing together your boutique closet, be sure to consider the whole picture. When making the best use of space, custom cabinetry can give you everything you need in one cohesive, space-conscious package.  

Speak with one of our designers at C & C Cabinets today to see what we can create in your new closet! Here are some can’t miss items to add when you’re adding a custom closet:

Shoe Shelves

Forget that flimsy shoe rack! Trust us, displaying your shoe collection on a set of shelves can truly elevate your space. You’ll hear us mention verticality a few times in this article, that’s because it’s so important!  

When making use of a smaller space like a closet, stacking items upwards increases your available space. Aside from the space-saving nature of vertical arrangements, they are much more pleasing to the eye, as more items are visible at eye level than the typical closet.

Folding Tables

But a high-end one...You’ve probably noticed that many items such as sweaters or pants are folded on a table instead of hung up. Not only does this help the clothing last longer, but it’s a nice added touch to make your closet seem more like a classy boutique.

In some cases that table may even have roll-out shelves, often used to store delicates or undergarments, but this isn’t required. Even adding a custom island to show your favorite knits or pants will help your space achieve your desired look while giving you unparalleled storage!

Clothing Racks

Closets typically come with the closet rod pre-installed, which may not always be ideal. After all, no one likes those garish wire racks....Installing a custom-designed closet gives you the perfect spot for your own clothing rack, with open cabinetry all around it for extra storage. Making a thoughtful decision on where you will hang your clothing does a lot for the ease of use and feel of your closet.

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It’s All About the Details

They say the devils in the details, or in this case, we believe a piece of heaven is! Once you have the utility of a boutique in your closet, it’s time to give it a final touch with more ways to display your items.

Jewelry Displays

The most beautiful piece of anyone's wardrobe is arguable the jewelry collection. In many ways, jewelry can accent a room just like a piece of decor, so put it on display! An open area to hang your necklaces can add verticality to the space while also giving you an easy place to store them all, free of tangles!

Mannequin hands and busts can be used to give off a higher-class look. Imagine your closet’s jewelry area looking right out of the jewelry store! Getting ready may feel like shopping for your favorite clothes all over again.

Sunglass Stands

It’s Tampa Bay, we all have our favorite shades. But, sunglasses are hard to keep organized, they seem to always get moved around and left out with the car keys. Investing in a retail-esque stand for your sunglasses gives your closet a thoughtful touch that makes a big difference.  

When getting ready, it’s much easier to see all of your glasses to pick the perfect pair for the day. Also, similar to jewelry displays, sunglass stands add verticality to the closet, making the most out of space, all while putting more on display at once!

Cedar Lining

It looks as nice as it smells, we swear! It’s a wonderful way to protect your clothes too. You may really want to consider this detail in your new custom closet.  

Fine Finishes

Complete your chic closet space and you may never want to leave once you get ready!

Velvet Hangers

Upgrading your hangers to velvet is a big change that often gets overlooked. Not only do velvet hangers look much more pleasing and high quality than their plastic and wire counterparts, but they also help protect your clothing! Velvet hangers grip the clothing protecting the necks from being stretched out, all without having to hook the shoulders and create bumps on our nicest tops.

Tall Mirrors

What clothing store could be complete without tall, full-body mirrors. Not only are these the perfect piece to create that retail look, but they are amazing to use when getting ready. No more second-guessing, you can see it all!


Lighting is so important! Brighten your space with a gorgeous pendant that will highlight all of your stunning clothing. We also love to use spotlight and LED track lighting to really make your home look like your favorite local boutique!  

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master closet with shoe and jewelry storage

Bring It All Together with Stunning Custom Cabinetry

Take your closet to the next level with custom cabinetry designed by C & C Cabinets. Your stunning custom closets will allow you to perfectly fit everything into your space, with every piece you need built-in!

We want you to enjoy using your personal Chic Boutique as much as you enjoy looking at it! The Cabinet Chic will help you achieve the organization and beauty of a shop at home, no matter how large your closet may be. With help of our custom closet designers, you’ll be able to take advantage of your space and create a closet that not only looks stunning but is also easy to use. Now that’s happiness built-in!

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The Finest Finishes

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