October 14, 2022

Designing the Ultimate His & Hers Closet

You could divide your closet down the middle…or you could follow these tips for shared-closet bliss!

When two people are sharing one closet, things can get a little complicated! In a traditional scenario, he would get one side of the closet—she would get the other. But does this truly address how to divide the space? Probably not.

When it comes to your closet, functionality matters. A closet designed for him and her isn’t just about having enough space, it’s about each person having enough of the right kind of space.  

Does one partner have more clothes than the other?

Does one prefer to hang their clothes while the other folds theirs?

Is one partner tall while the other is petite?

These are some of the questions that need to be asked when designing a custom closet for a couple. Follow these chic tips from our design team at C & C Cabinets to create the ultimate his and hers closet!  

#1. Take Stock of Your Clothing and Accessories

Before designing anything, measure the length of your shirts and other clothing. Your closet should be designed to accommodate the types and sizes of your clothes, as well as how many of them you have. Group like-sized items together to help determine the width of the rack that you will need and the vertical height.  

Depending on how many accessories or shoes you have, there are different solutions based on their size and how often you use them.  

Remember, it is important to know what you have before sitting down to design your closet. Don’t forget to factor in your future shopping habits too!

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#2. Design a Space Where You Can Get Completely Ready

Right now, your closet may not be equipped for you to get completely ready in it. Yes, your shirts or blouses are in the closet, but socks, underwear, and other items are in the dresser in the bedroom. Going into the bedroom to get ready forces you to turn on the light in the morning, something that isn’t exactly conducive to wedded bliss!  

A simple solution is to incorporate drawers into your closet space. We recommend:

  • A 5” deep jewelry drawer at the top
  • 8” medium-depth drawers for underwear, socks, etc.  
  • 12” deep drawers for sweaters, pants, and sweatshirts.  

Drawers can truly take a dysfunctional closet space and transform it into a functional oasis.  

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#3. Don’t Try to Split the Closet Down the Middle

While you and your partner may have the same amount of shoes, clothing, and accessories, that is probably not the case.  

Your closet doesn’t need to be split down the middle—and probably shouldn’t be.

Both partners will be happier if they each have the space they need, even if that means that one gets more than the other.  

Ultimately, it comes down to having the right type of space. She might be the majority of the hanging space, but he might have the majority of the drawers or vice versa.  

#4. Don’t Hide Accessories Away

Think of your closet space as your personal boutique. How would you style your jewelry, hats, scarves, watches, etc.?

Purses, hats, sunglasses, and watches are more easily stored on open shelves or slim pull-out shelves rather than in drawers or behind cabinet doors. It’s much less time consuming to get ready in the morning when you can see what you have!

We like to come up with exciting storage solutions for items like accessories. Consider adding:

  • A retractable wardrobe rod to stage tomorrow’s outfit  
  • A jewelry tray so your rings and necklaces aren’t mixed up  
  • A rack for belts, scarves, and hats
  • A pullout drawer for shoes

And while you’re at it, include a built-in laundry hamper to keep dirty clothes sorted and hidden away!  

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#5. Build Up Instead of Out

When space is at a premium, it is important to use every inch of your space wisely.  

Consider building up instead of out, especially if you have higher ceilings.

If you choose floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in your master closet, you can incorporate a rolling ladder to reach those higher shelves or cabinets, which are the perfect place to stow away items that aren’t used much like your vacation luggage, seasonal gear, or extra blankets.  

We also recommend incorporating items that will make your wardrobe feel cozy and warm such as rugs and seating, bold colors or wallpaper, and mirrors to make it feel more spacious.  

Go Chic with a His & Hers Closet

A custom-designed his & hers closet can make daily routines a joy and transform a dysfunctional space into a functional one! From drawers and shelves to custom storage solutions and elegant finishes, C & C Cabinets will help bring your dream master closet to life!

Ready for a closet makeover? Have happiness built-in and contact Miriam Johnson, the Cabinet Chic at (813) 876-6780 for a design consultation today!

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