October 25, 2022

Our Guide to the Ultimate Wine Room

If you are a wine connoisseur, you likely already know that wine rooms are designed to affect the longevity of wine across four variables: temperature, light, humidity, and vibration.  

There are many different styles of wine rooms that we suggest, and C&C Cabinets’ artisans can bring your ideas to reality!

The Cabinet Chic’s design notes:

  • From peg systems to wood or metal shelving, there are endless ways to configure a wine room.
  • Flooring in a wine room should insulate and retain humidity.
  • For wood wine racks, we suggest using mahogany or redwood to prolong the life of the shelves in a humid environment. This room is meant for entertaining for years to come!

Planning a Wine Room

Bigger isn’t always better. In this case, you’ll want to create a wine room with as minimal open space as possible. Keeping a narrow walkway with wine storage floor to ceiling is best. Even in the most refined wine rooms, we see the temperature rise three degrees or more as soon as anyone walks in – and it will continue to grow.

Wine is an excellent insulator, so filling the wine room is crucial.

If just a quarter of the wine room is full, the temperature can increase by half a degree within just minutes of the door to the wine room opening. So, it’s crucial to have an idea of not only the types of wine you plan on having in your wine room but how many you’ll want to store at any given time.

Be sure to follow best wine storing practices in your wine cellar as well. We recommend paying extra attention to:

  • Temperature: Your wine cellar should always be between 45 and 65 degrees with a humidity level between 50% and 80% to adequately protect your wine collection.  

  • Lighting: Direct sunlight is bad news for wine, so make sure to avoid rooms with a lot of windows. Ideal areas are dark spaces like pantries, closets, enclosed cabinetry, and drawers.  

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Wine Room Doors

While you may not know it, the doors to wine rooms might be the most important part of the room due to insulation.  

Most people prefer glass or high-end wood doors, which are beautiful designs. However, steel doors provide the best defense to keeping the temperature and humidity in check.

Wine Room Racks

From peg systems to wood and metal shelving, there are endless configurations for wine rooms. For wood wine racks, we suggest using mahogany or redwood to prolong the life of the shelves in a humid environment.  

Wine Room Floors

The floor of a wine room should insulate, retain humidity, and protect the surroundings from falling bottles. Whatever surface you decide to use for the floor of your wine room, it should be coated with a non-porous sealant.  

Ideally, you’ll want to put down rubber mats – the kind used on restaurant kitchen floors – to prevent breakage. It’s easy to drop a bottle or two when you’ve been enjoying wine!


Wine Room Walls and Vapor Barriers

Proper insulation for wine rooms is a must. R-15 fiberglass is best, as it will also absorb the most vibration. The walls are typically built with 2x4 lumber faced with a half-inch of gypsum board on each side.  

The lumber should be lined or sealed, which acts as a vapor barrier.  

This effectively:  

  • Keeps humidity at its proper level
  • Prevents any insulation from rotting
  • Helps keep the wine room pressurized.

Keeping It Cool

No matter the size of your wine room, you’ll want a wine-cooling unit. First, we will determine the size of your wine cellar in cubic feet. Next, we look for an adjacent room to install a cooling unit and use ductwork through the wall.  

Additionally, certain cooling systems can be placed on the ceiling of the wine room, with ductwork through the wall in two places: one to pull filtered air from just outside the wine room and another to exhaust hot air outside or into another room.

We recommend installing a temperature and humidity sensor to keep things at the perfect levels for the ultimate wine.

It would be best to install a cooling unit at least 20% larger than you need. This will help increase efficiency and lower the long-term cost of storing wine.  

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Say Cheers to a Custom Wine Room  

Are you thinking of adding a stylish wine room to your home? From identifying the best size, materials, configuration, and location for your wine room as well as complementing your existing design aesthetic, C&C Cabinets can build the ultimate wine room of your dreams that will have you saying ‘Cheers’!

Chat with our head designer, Miriam Johnson the Cabinet Chic or fill out a request for a complimentary 3D wine room design and price estimate. We can help you design and build your custom wine room effortlessly. Let’s get started on your entertainer’s dream today.

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