August 2, 2023

Color of the Month: Courtyard

This month, we are excited to share with you Sherwin Williams' Courtyard, a stunning warm dark green shade that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any space! As lovers of color, we believe in the transformative power it holds when it comes to setting the mood and enhancing the aesthetics of our surroundings.  

So, let's dive in and discover why Courtyard has captured our attention as the color of the month.

courtyard green color swatch

Ignite Your Senses with Courtyard: Color Profile

Courtyard adds an element of sophistication and warmth to any space. Its deeply saturated hue provides a sense of depth and richness, making it an ideal choice for cabinets and woodwork.

Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your dining area or add character to your kitchen, this shade of green will not disappoint!

The deep green tone has a calming effect, promoting relaxation and tranquility in any setting. This makes it perfect for spaces where you want to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones, such as dining rooms or cozy reading nooks.  

Additionally, this shade pairs beautifully with natural materials like wood or stone, creating a harmonious blend that brings the outdoors inside.  


From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Infusing Courtyard into Your Space

Whether you prefer a tropical paradise, a minimalist sanctuary, or a modern oasis, dark green effortlessly complements every design style, making it an incredibly versatile color choice.

The best part? It can be used throughout the entire house:  

Kitchen: Consider painting cabinets in Courtyard and pair with a white backsplash. This shade instantly creates a sense of depth and warmth in the kitchen. Paired with copper or gold fixtures? *Swoon*

Bathroom: This deep shade of green creates a sense of luxury and tranquility, transforming any bathroom into a spa-like retreat. It looks particularly striking when combined with floral or textured wallpaper.

Living Room: Whether used as an accent wall or as the main hue for built-in cabinetry or bookshelves, this dark green hue creates a stunning focal point that instantly elevates the overall aesthetic of the room.  

Laundry Room: Courtyard can instantly elevate the style of any space, including utilitarian areas like the laundry room. When paired with white subway tiles, it creates a sophisticated and timeless look that will transform this often-overlooked room into an inviting oasis.

Home Exterior: This rich shade mimics the lush foliage of trees and plants, creating a harmonious connection between your home’s exterior and its surroundings. It also acts as a neutral backdrop, allowing other elements such as landscaping or architectural details, to take center stage.

Credit: Haven Builders

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Infuse Your Space with the Serenity of Courtyard

When it comes to bringing the soothing tones of nature indoors, few colors can rival the majestic allure of Courtyard. Reminiscent of lush evergreen trees and vibrant foliage, this beautiful hue will help infuse your space with a touch of natural serenity.  

Whether you're looking to revamp your kitchen or transform your living room, bathroom, or laundry room, our team is dedicated to designing amazing spaces that will exceed your expectations.

Embrace the soothing tone of dark green. Contact us for a design consultation today!

Featured image credit: Lowes

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