August 23, 2022

Designing Home Gym Built-Ins

A home gym might be just what you need to find that extra boost of motivation to exercise. Don’t worry, if you won’t have a dedicated workout space - that’s ok! A nook in your garage or home office with some unique built-in cabinetry can work for many types of exercise.  

Get inspired to create your own functional at-home gym that’s a joy to use with these ideas for home gym built-ins from the Cabinet Chic!  

Choose the Room

Although it is nice to have an expansive space for your home gym, you don’t need a huge room to burn some calories. Do you have a small room that is too small to be a bedroom? Set it up as your home gym! P.S. Consider painting the walls a dark color to make the space pop.  

Once you have found a space for your home gym, it’s time to deck it out with equipment and built-in storage to make it shine!  

Take Stock of Your Equipment

Before designing custom built-ins for your home gym space, it is important to know what kinds of equipment you plan to utilize during your workouts.  

There is more to designing a home gym than just piling equipment into an unused room and calling it a day.

Things to consider:

  • Where will you place your treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stationary bike?  
  • Are there electric outlets nearby so you won’t trip over extension cords?
  • Is there space for floor exercises like yoga, stretching, and calisthenics?
  • Where will you store weights, bands, and other small equipment? (In custom built-in cabinetry of course!)

Designing Home Gym Built-Ins

Of course, you could stack your weights in the corner and be done with it, but that’s not functional at all! Here at C & C Cabinets we love coming up with unique built-in cabinetry ideas to fit even the most awkward or small spaces in your home, like your home gym! Because let’s face it, wall space is often an underutilized area in the gym!  

Whether you use a small nook in your garage or an entire room in your house, built-in cabinetry can transform your space into a functional oasis.

If you have bright-colored and slightly garish hand weights like we do, a custom-made bench with storage inside and racks to hold your weights is a great way to get these heavy items off the floor and out of sight when you aren’t working out. Bonus: You can even use the bench during your workout to do bench presses or hops and jumps!

Further, locker room-style built-in cabinets can be useful for storing rolled-up yoga mats or hanging:

  • Resistance bands
  • Towels
  • Workout clothing
  • And other gym items

Or you can go traditional with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry on one end of your home gym with drawers, hooks, open shelves for baskets, or even a built-in pull-out drawer that hides away your dirty clothes hamper. The possibilities for custom built-ins are virtually endless!

To fit the vibe of your home gym, our craftsmen at C & C Cabinets can finish your built-ins in a variety of beautiful stains and colors. Contact us today for a design consultation!  

Stay Plugged In

Let’s not forget a media area for a TV, computer, and audio equipment to make your workout more fun! Watch your favorite show, listen to a podcast, or turn up the music with a media area built right into your home gym! Yes!

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Let’s Get to Work

When all your exercise equipment is at your fingertips, it will be hard to find an excuse to not exercise. Installing home gym built-ins can be just the boost you need to commit to working out more consistently. We don’t know about you, but functional storage solutions get our hearts thumping!  

Design your dream home gym with custom-made built-ins from C & C Cabinets. Call us today at 813-876-6780 to get started!

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