June 15, 2023

Hidden Spaces: Step Into a New Kind of Pantry

Have you ever dreamed of having a spacious pantry to keep all your kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible? Enter the hidden pantry!

We all know the joy of having an orderly kitchen, but sometimes it can be difficult to maintain when you don't have enough storage space. What if we told you that you can step into a new kind of pantry—one that is not only practical but also hidden away in plain sight?  

It’s true! With the help of custom cabinets and built-ins, you can now have a secret pantry that will elevate your kitchen organization game to new heights!  

The Cabinet Chic explores how hidden spaces are revolutionizing the way we think about pantries and provides some tips on how to create one yourself. Let’s get organized!

Credit: Tom Howley

The Hidden Pantry Trend: A Sneaky Way to Stay Organized

So what exactly is a hidden pantry? As the name suggests, it's a pantry that's concealed behind some sort of door or paneling. This could be something as simple as a bookshelf that swings open or a cabinet with false drawers that pull out to reveal shelves.  

The idea is that the storage space blends seamlessly into the surrounding room, creating a sleek and cohesive look while also providing ample storage for food items.

Whatever your reason may be, creating a hidden pantry requires careful planning and execution. And that’s what our team is here to help with!

How to Create a Hidden and Stylish Pantry Oasis

The key to designing a functional hidden pantry is selecting the right cabinetry and built-ins.

  • Custom-built cabinets offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, and materials used, which means they can be tailored to fit any space perfectly.

  • Built-in shelving units can maximize your storage space even further. These can be installed above or below existing cabinets or even incorporated into cabinet doors themselves.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into designing a hidden pantry.  

dark stained barn door pantry by the Cabinet Chic

Where Should It Be Located?

Though traditional pantries aren’t always located directly in the kitchen, a hidden pantry should be for the best functionality. We recommend installing your hidden space next to deeper cabinets such as beside your refrigerator or wall oven.  

This spot is ideal as it gives you access to ingredients and supplies directly within your cooking area.

How to Hide It

The most important aspect of a hidden pantry is that the entrance must be out of sight. You don't want the door to stick out like a sore thumb and defeat the whole purpose of having it hidden in the first place.  

This means choosing materials, colors, and patterns that complement your kitchen's decor and match the other cabinets or shelves around it.

Or, if you have a rustic-styled home, a sliding barn door can look beautiful and hide your pantry space away from the rest of the kitchen, giving just a hint of what lies behind.  

What About Jib Doors?

If you can’t install your hidden pantry directly in your kitchen, you might want to consider hiding it in plain sight elsewhere with a jib door.  

A jib door is a type of flat door designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding wall. They are typically used in paneling, molding, or wallpaper.

The beauty of using a jib door as part of your hidden pantry design is that it can be virtually invisible when closed. This means that you won't have any unsightly handles or knobs to detract from the overall aesthetic of your space. Instead, the door will simply blend into the background until you need access to your pantry.

The best part? Your guests will have no idea there's a pantry behind the wall until you reveal it! Plus, this innovative feature can also be used for concealing laundry rooms, home offices, or even secret playrooms for children.

Consider the Hardware

You'll also need to consider the cabinetry hardware that goes with it. After all, having a standard doorknob or handle would give away the hidden aspect of the door and look out of place with a millwork panel. That's why choosing the right hardware is crucial for achieving a seamless and stylish finish.

The first thing to consider when selecting cabinetry hardware for your hidden pantry is its function. You'll want something that can open and close smoothly without drawing too much attention.  

  • Appliance-sized handles can work beautifully beside a fridge, especially if it has overlay paneling.  

  • A recessed pull or finger pull might be a good option as they offer an easy grip while remaining subtle.  

  • Alternatively, you could opt for a magnetic lock system that opens with one touch but remains invisible from the outside.  

Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your overall design aesthetic and enhances the functionality of your hidden pantry.

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custom slim spice cabinet next to refrigerator

Reinvent Your Kitchen with a Hidden Pantry

A hidden pantry is a perfect way to add some excitement and style to your kitchen. Whether you're looking to maximize storage or simply add a touch of whimsy to your home, we've got you covered! From custom designs to high-quality materials, our craftsmen will work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfect.


So, why settle for a boring old pantry when you can have something unique and special? Contact our head designer Miriam Johnson and start exploring the possibilities! Your new hidden pantry awaits!

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