June 24, 2022

Lazy Susan Alternatives for Your Kitchen Renovation

Functional kitchen storage is a major consideration for many homeowners. That’s why when people renovate their kitchens, storage solutions are often on their minds.  

Sometimes there is just not enough room in the kitchen for all the pots, pans, plates, bakeware, and appliances. Other times, the issue is ergonomics and accessibility. Enter the lazy Susan.  

But is a lazy Susan the only solution? Absolutely not! Here are some lazy Susan alternatives that you’ll want to include in your stylish kitchen renovation!

What is a Lazy Susan?

Lazy Susans, also known as turntables, consist of racks or shelves on a rotating base. They are usually built into a corner cabinet, allowing you to turn the shelf, bringing items like your stand mixer, or bakeware from the back around to the front for easy retrieval. In theory, this concept sounds great. So why is the lazy Susan falling out of favor?

Well, for one thing, the round shelves don’t offer many options to efficiently organize kitchen items. Taller items tend to tip over, sometimes falling off the shelf or becoming lost. It can also become unsteady or difficult to rotate depending on what you store there.  

Yes, this corner space in the kitchen could be used more efficiently, so keep reading to learn about our favorite lazy Susan alternatives!  

Amazing Alternatives to the Lazy Susan

When designing custom kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovation, you will want to ensure that the solutions are both functional and beautiful.  

To help create your new kitchen, here are some lazy Susan alternatives that you might want to consider for the corner spaces in your kitchen.  

Pullout Tray Drawers

Rather than having to spin a lazy Susan, many homeowners prefer to outfit their corner cabinets with pull-out drawers for pots and pans, appliances, or utensils.  

To maintain a clean and sleek kitchen appearance, these pullout tray drawers have a straight door opening. This makes items more accessible and can give an interesting vibe to your kitchen design.  

The drawback? The pullout tray drawers aren’t the best way to maximize the total amount of available storage space, since they leave a small empty area on each side.  

Corner Drawers

As opposed to the tray drawers mentioned above, these are actual pullout drawers that make everything easily accessible.  

Corner drawers are a great choice for storing pots and pans.

The downside is that corner drawers require generous clearance for opening and need a little space on either side. This means that they cannot be added to an existing cabinet and must be part of a kitchen remodel or renovation.  

Garbage/Recycling Center

If you already have enough space in your kitchen for all your appliances, pots, pans, and bakeware, you may want to use the corner space in your kitchen for a different purpose, such as a recycling/garbage center.  

Adding three small bins in this corner space allows you to keep garbage, recycling, and compost out of sight and easily accessible.  

Pot & Pan Organizer

Many homeowners use a lazy Susan to store pots and pans. And while some of the alternatives mentioned in this article are also suitable for this, some might prefer a dedicated organizer for all those pots, pans, and lids.  

A spinning pot and pan organizer allows you to rearrange your cookware in a convenient, easy-to-reach way.

Built-In Appliances

If you like to keep your countertops as minimal as possible, installing built-in appliances in the corner cabinets of your kitchen can be the ideal solution.  

This idea works great for bulky appliances like stand mixers because if designed correctly, you could have a shelf that folds out to you, instead of needing to lift it out and put it away each time you want to use it.  

Corner Display

The corner in your kitchen could be the ideal space for a display cabinet with glass windows. Of course, this assumes that you already have sufficient space to store all your kitchen gadgets and dishware. If you have special items that you like to display and already have storage for all of your utensils and cookware, this could be a great way to show off your style.  

Further, you could design a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with glass fronts where you can display your crystal glassware, pottery, or vintage milk glass, literally from the floor to the ceiling. Nice!

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Unique Lazy Susan Solutions

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