May 26, 2022

8 Ways to Design an Ergonomic Kitchen

Good ergonomics are more important in the kitchen than any other room in your house. If you get it right, you’ll create a smart space with a good flow where every meal can be cooked comfortably and in style. Get it wrong, and you’ll be frustrated every day.  

From countertop height to your choice of cabinets vs. drawers, the Cabinet Chic reveals eight up-to-date ideas to make your kitchen a modern ergonomic (yet, elegant) oasis!  

#1. Consider the Height of Your Countertops

Counters are one of the most important considerations when designing your ergonomic kitchen. We recommend customizing countertop heights rather than just using standard sizing in your kitchen design.  

Consider installing two or more counters at varying heights:

  • A lower counter at around 24-38 inches for food preparation
  • Another bar height counter at 44-46 inches to serve food or as a gathering place to chat with the cook and get social!  

When choosing custom counter heights, consider the height of the countertop in relation to your elbow.

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#2. Choose Drawers, Not Doors

We also recommend installing custom cabinetry with large drawers for plates, cookware, or small appliances. This allows you to see and retrieve items without having to duck under a counter or search around inside a cabinet to find what you need while cooking.  

#3. Include Clever Solutions for Corner Cabinets

Gone are the days of stretching into a deep corner cabinet to retrieve a particular pot or pan, thanks to cleverly designed corner carousels that spin shelves around like a Lazy Susan, or other systems that swing the contents of your corner cupboards out into the kitchen.  

#4. Don’t Forget the Details  

As with most things in design, the details count.  

Multi-Tiered storage racks and specially designed areas of utensils and spices can make your kitchen a more functional space.  

Think about the placement of electrical outlets too. We like to include “secret outlets” around the kitchen to plug in appliances, smart devices, LED lighting, and more. This is especially handy on an island; you can just plug in your mixer or food processor and get to work!  

We love to design clever storage solutions that are hidden inside our custom cabinetry. Have an idea for your own kitchen? We can help make it a reality! Call us for a design consultation today; 813-876-6780!

#5. Consider the Space Between Your Tap and Sink

Have you ever turned on the kitchen tap only to be sprayed with water? It can be quite annoying! Splash back is a common issue in the kitchen and one that results from a poor relationship between your water pressure and the dimensions of your sink.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every kitchen space, if you don’t want to be splashed with water when you turn on the tap, think twice before pairing that beautiful farmhouse sink with a high arched spout, or a shallow sink with a long tap.  

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#6. Design Lighting with Work Zones in Mind

Lighting is crucial in a kitchen, as are designated work zones for prepping, cooking, and serving. Install dimmable LED downlights with a beautiful pendant to provide an ambient glow over your island or bar, but make sure there is bright task lighting to illuminate the important workspaces around the kitchen.  

LED downlights or strip lighting mounted under custom cabinetry will offer ample light for prep and cooking.

#7. Store Dishes Near Your Dishwasher, Not Above It

Housing dishes in wall-mounted cabinets that lie directly above the dishwasher forces people to reach awkwardly to put away clean dishes.  

This is where those drawers we mentioned earlier can come in handy! Keep glasses and dishware on either side of your dishwasher, which will allow you to put away your dishes with smooth, fluid movements without putting stress on your spine.  

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#8. Consider Ergonomic Flooring

Though terra cotta, stone, or ceramic tile is beautiful, it can take a toll on your back, especially if you are in the kitchen a lot.  

A softer floor material can enhance your comfort; just ensure that it is durable enough to stand up to this high traffic space. Highly used areas like in front of the stove or sink can benefit from padded mats, or flooring made from cork or bamboo.  

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Plan Your Dream Ergonomic Kitchen

Ready to cook and entertain in a beautifully designed ergonomic kitchen?  

Our team at C & C Cabinets is here to make your dreams a reality! From custom built-in cabinets and drawers to clever storage solutions and stunning millwork, our Tampa Bay craftsman can do it all.  

Start planning your custom ergonomic kitchen. Schedule a design consultation with the Cabinet Chic, Miriam Johnson, today!

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