April 26, 2022

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen a More Social Space

Nowadays, kitchens aren’t just for cooking. In our modern age, the humble kitchen has become a multi-functional center of family life. For many families, it is the social hub of their home where family, friends, and guests congregate and socialize.  

If you love to entertain guests or spend time with family in the kitchen, it needs to be designed accordingly. Our team at C & C Cabinets can help infuse your space with customized touches to make your kitchen more conducive to relaxing and socializing with those you love.  

Not sure where to start? Here are 7 ways to make your kitchen a more social space!  

Why Social Kitchens Matter

With the kitchen being a social hub of the home, it is important to match its design to your lifestyle and social habits. When designing a kitchen, consider what space you have to work with and the frequency in which you plan to entertain.  

A social kitchen is a functional kitchen.

Not only is a space designed with socializing in mind a more pleasant environment to congregate, but it’s also easier to focus on cooking and entertaining at the same time without anyone feeling left out!  

In the long term, a thoughtful kitchen design can be a great investment if you ever decide to sell your home, since it can increase your home’s value. In the meantime, it is a great place to make new memories with friends and family.  

Ready to start designing? Let’s go!

Open Up the Space

The kitchen is the heart of the home- if it is cramped, it will feel suffocating. When designing or remodeling your kitchen, open up the space as much as possible. This allows more people to take part in food preparation and cooking, as well as socializing at the same time.  

Creating an open plan kitchen-dining space is a great option to allow guests to see and talk with the chef, while still providing them plenty of room to flow while preparing delicious meals.

Install Custom Cabinetry to Keep Counters Clean

Obviously, you want your kitchen to look amazing, and countertops piled high with clutter aren’t going to make a great impression. The solution? Optimize your storage space with custom cabinetry! You might need to incorporate specialized storage for your pots and pans, or a glass front display cabinet to show off all your favorite dishes.

No matter what kind of storage solutions you might need in your kitchen, our team at C & C Cabinets can design and bring them to life! Schedule a consultation today!

Add a Built-In Bar or Wine Cellar

A great addition to any social kitchen is a custom built-in bar or wine cellar. Everything you need to create your signature drink will be in one place and easily accessible. Plus, it creates the perfect place for people to congregate.  

If you have a small kitchen, consider adding a bar to your kitchen island to help conserve space.  

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Make Use of Light

A bright and well-lit kitchen is welcoming and warm. Focus on including as much natural light as possible with windows or skylights.  

Artificial lighting can also make a kitchen cozier and more socially appealing. Lights with dimmer options enable you to create different ambiances to suit different occasions. Focused lighting can provide functional light for prep areas as well as decorative interest, which you can coordinate with the design of areas where people naturally gather.  

Create Social Seating Areas

The island in your kitchen is a great place to incorporate seating. But if you have a larger kitchen, you have even more possibilities for seating. A breakfast nook or bay window seating area can be a place to gather and can also function as a place to read a book, socialize over some wine, or connect with friends online.  

An island or peninsula can separate the food prep area from a comfy sofa or living space, which is ideal for entertaining and socializing.

Open plan kitchen-dining spaces offer the opportunity to bring unique seating arrangements into or near the kitchen environment.  

Maximize Space with an Island

The social focal point of many kitchens is the island. These multifunctional features can be used for food preparation, cooking, dining, and of course entertaining!

Kitchen islands allow you to maximize your counter space, giving you and your guests more room to set drinks or appetizers. A row of bar stools along your island creates a convenient eating area that is perfect for small gatherings with friends and family. You can even add a breakfast bar or a lower-level dining table off of the island to further increase your kitchen’s social potential.  

Islands are also convenient for getting your children set for the day, from packing lunches in the morning to fixing an impromptu snack after school. With your kids gathered in one place, you can ask them questions about their day and have a place for them to start on their homework while you begin cooking dinner.

Include a Family Command Center

A family command center feature aims to help you keep your household running smoothly and your family more organized. A family command center might include:

  • Desk for homework
  • Filing system for documents, homework, or mail
  • Calendar
  • Grocery list
  • Charging stations  
  • And more!  

A command center is a convenient place for your family to start and end their day right. (And no one can say that they lost their homework or forgot an important document.) Everything is right at everyone’s fingertips!  

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Get Social with the Cabinet Chic

Ready to get social? From completely custom kitchen cabinetry and unique storage solutions to hand-built furniture, and built-ins, our local craftsmen at C & C Cabinets can do it all!  

With the Cabinet Chic, you’ll have happiness built-in and your dream kitchen will be a reality! Schedule a consultation with our design team today!

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