September 20, 2021

Built-In Homework Areas

Make study time fun! Here’s to making your home work with custom built-ins. The Cabinet Chic shares how to earn extra credit with your home design.

School is back in session, which means, you guessed it, homework. What if homework could be less of a chore? A focused homework routine could start with a more functional place for your children to get their work done.  

Whether this homework space is in the kitchen, a separate room, or a built-in nook in your child’s bedroom, having a designated space will help your children focus on their tasks.  

Here are some (amazingly chic) built-in homework area ideas that can help transform homework time!  

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Tips for Designing a Homework Space

A built-in homework station should be cohesive and fit in with your home’s layout, design aesthetic, and your family’s unique needs. It is important to create the right space, personalize it for your child/children, and ensure that it is easy to organize.

As you set up a custom homework station keep these tips in mind:

  • Personalize the space with your child’s favorite colors. Homework areas are a great place to use a pop of color!
  • Remove distractions. Ex. keep it separate from TV areas
  • Incorporate a recycling bin for excess paper
  • If you have small children, add a pegboard backing as an ‘art gallery’ for them to display their artwork (say hello to a less cluttered fridge)

If space allows, position desks and comfy chairs so your child doesn’t have their back to everything going on. Complete the space with accessories and pictures that they like to create a truly unique homework area that they like to work in.

Built-In Homework Area Ideas

Whether big or small, these built-in homework station ideas will help make homework time a breeze!

Architectural Nook

If you already have an underutilized nook off your dining room, create a built-in homework area with shelving, a desk, and a comfortable chair.  

Differentiate the space by painting it a different color than the rest of the room or add complementing wooden or painted shelves. It’s a (homework) room within a room!  

Under the Stairs

A nook under the stairs can become a semi-private place to focus on homework. Add built-in shelves or a bookcase to make the best use of the small space while not making it feel cramped.  

Built-In Office Space

If you already have an at-home office, utilize part of it and install built-in shelving and desks to create stations for your kids to complete their homework without any distractions. Include a writing surface, task lighting, a corkboard for important papers, closed storage cabinetry, and cushioned comfortable seating.  

Custom built-ins are a perfect addition to your dream home. Create extra storage space and a place for your children to complete their homework. Schedule a design consultation for built-in shelving and cabinetry!

Closet Homework Station

Do you have a spare closet that is not be utilized? Outfit it as a homework station with a built-in desk and shelving. The best part? You can close the doors when the space is not in use!  

Distraction-Free Space

If your children are easily distracted, provide each child with a place of their own to get their work done. Face them in opposite directions so they can stay focused on their work rather than getting distracted by their sibling.  

We can build a U or L-shaped desk area with built-in cabinets and shelving to keep the clutter and distractions at bay.  

Guest-Room Homework Area

If you have a guest room, chances are you aren’t always hosting guests. Make the most of that extra square footage and give your kids a place to do their homework with built-ins on one wall, while keeping space for your guests when you are hosting.  

You could even add a daybed and some open shelves to create a chic library-style homework/guest room that both you and your kids will enjoy spending quiet time in.

Earn Extra Credit with Custom Built-Ins

Whether you have ample space in your home or need to get creative with the space you have, call on the Cabinet Chic. We’ll help you create a built-in homework station aimed at keeping your kids focused as they develop good study habits.  

With any luck, custom built-ins from the Cabinet Chic might even lessen some of those after-school homework battles! Talk about happiness built-in.

Make homework easier and more enjoyable at home! C & C Cabinets can transform your Tampa area home to perfectly suit your family’s needs. Schedule a design consultation online or call us today—813-876-6780!

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