July 26, 2022

Timeless Kitchen Design: Tips for a Transitional Style Kitchen

What do brilliant tones, relaxed aesthetics, and ample storage have in common? They are all part of what makes a transitional-style kitchen so great! A blend of contemporary and traditional, transitional kitchens are versatile and lend well to open concept spaces.  

Ready to learn more about this popular kitchen design style? The Cabinet Chic weighs in on transitional style kitchens and how to make the most of your space with custom cabinetry.  

What is the Transitional Kitchen Design Style?

The key to a transitional kitchen is the use of a minimal color palette and design that eliminates visual distractions such as patterns or clutter.  

Transitional kitchens rely heavily on unique storage solutions to create a space that is free from clutter, so most of the visual impact comes from the cabinetry.  

Speaking of cabinetry, most transitional kitchens use woodgrain or painted cabinetry. The clean appearance comes from recessed-panel doors with simple lines.  

Other transitional-style kitchen features include:

  • Quartz, marble, limestone, or granite countertops
  • Waterfall countertop edges
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Paneled appliances
  • Built-in range hoods

Now, let’s talk design!

Chic Color Palette

The color scheme in transitional kitchens should be kept simple and free of distracting patterns. (This comes from its contemporary roots). Usually you’ll see more neutral colors used for the walls, countertops, and cabinetry.

But, don’t worry about it looking boring. With a few textural elements in other areas of the kitchen, your space will still have visual interest!  

The most popular colors in transitional style kitchens are:

  • White
  • Grays
  • Beiges  
  • Wood tones  

Looking for something a little more vibrant? Blue is the most common non-neutral used in transitional kitchens.

Custom Cabinetry

Streamlined functionality is key when it comes to transitional kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets are made of high-quality wood and have recessed or paneled style doors that naturally blend with the rest of the kitchen’s design elements. Paneled appliances can further contribute to a seamless effect.

Shaker-style cabinetry is the go-to design for transitional kitchens.

With the right hardware and wood choice, Shaker-style cabinetry can lean either more contemporary or traditional.  

You’re building your dream - make sure that your kitchen has plenty of storage. This keeps your space free of clutter! Consider unique cabinetry for storing spices or small kitchen items.  

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Let There Be Light

Options are endless for lighting solutions in a transitional kitchen. One great option commonly used in transitional kitchens is recessed lighting, but pendant lighting can also make quite the statement.

You’ll often see a blend of industrial, modern, and traditional pendant lighting in transitional kitchens.

A beautiful blend of styles, transitional kitchens are versatile & lend well to open concept spaces.

It’s All About the Finishes

Cabinet hardware often lends toward the contemporary in a transitional kitchen space.  


  • Tubular bar pulls
  • A mix of wood and metal
  • Black and brass accents  

While there is no set standard for flooring, plank-style floors in either a light or dark color palette are preferred in transitional kitchens.  

That being said, some homeowners opt for ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile. Just remember that the tiles should be on the larger size, as smaller square floor tiles can date your kitchen.

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Blend the Old with the New

Alongside incorporating natural elements like stone and wood, make sure to blend a little old with the new when designing your kitchen. Perhaps you have a streamlined stainless steel range that is modern. Balance it out with rustic wood accents, or a floor rug with a traditional design.  

Or, if you think your kitchen is trending more traditional, consider adding streamlined modern lighting or furniture to balance it out!  

An Elegant Mix of Elements

Take advantage of blending contemporary and traditional styles by choosing a transitional-style design for your kitchen remodel! From beautiful custom cabinetry to finishes that add visual interest, the transitional style is perfect for homeowners who want a relaxed vibe with room to breathe!  

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