September 5, 2023

Color of the Month: French Press

With fall just around the corner, we are excited to announce this month's color of the month: Benjamin Moore's "French Press". This earthy hue, a delightful mix of deep brown and a pinch of red, is the perfect choice to refresh your space for the season.

Let The Cabinet Chic guide you on how to seamlessly blend this subtle, yet bold color into various areas around your home!  

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Get Inspired by French Press: The Color of the Month for Fall

French Press isn't just a color—it's a mood, a feeling. It's an invitation to slow down, to savor each moment just like you would a carefully brewed cup of coffee. Its depth and warmth create a comforting backdrop for any room, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet welcoming aesthetic.  

French Press" evokes the feeling of a warm, welcoming hug. It's the color of the changing leaves, of the earth getting ready for fall, and of the cozy nights in with a good book.
Credit: The Paint People

Infuse Your Space with French Press

As autumn knocks on our door, there's no better way to transform your home into a cozy haven. This deep, luscious brown exudes warmth and comfort, inviting everyone who enters your home to relax and unwind.

You can incorporate this delectable hue into your space in various ways:  

  • Living Room: Imagine your living room's built-in entertainment center bathed in the warm hues of "French Press". It's the perfect backdrop for a plush, neutral couch and a throw blanket, beckoning you to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie.

  • Kitchen: Picture your kitchen cabinets painted in this luxurious deep coffee color. Paired with gold or brass hardware, it's a recipe for chic and timeless design. *Swoon*

  • Bedroom: Create a soothing and restful retreat by incorporating this deep brown into your bedroom. With crisp white bed linens and soft, warm lighting, it's an invitation to unwind and relax.

  • Bathroom: Consider painting your cabinets or vanity in this rich hue and use it to highlight architectural details such as wainscoting to add depth to the room.  

  • Furniture: A coffee table or sideboard painted in French Press can serve as an eye-catching statement piece.
Credit: Benjamin Moore

Pairing French Press with Other Colors: Tips and Tricks

Wondering how to successfully pair this robust shade with other colors? We're here to spill the beans!  

Tip #1: Pair with Light, Warm Neutrals

French Press, with its warm undertones, pairs beautifully with lighter, warm-toned neutrals. Consider using colors like soft beige, cream, or a light tan to complement the dark tones in this hue. This combination creates a harmonious and comforting atmosphere in your space.

Tip #2: Try with Bold, Vibrant Colors

Don't forget that French Press can also hold its own against brighter, more vibrant colors too. Try pairing it with a bold turquoise, a rich gold, or even a vibrant fuchsia. The contrast can lead to some unexpectedly delightful results, adding a pop of energy to your room!  

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Credit: Benjamin Moore

Fall in Love with French Press: The Color of the Season

This season let's dive into the transformative power of our color with an interior refresh!  Picture this: The sun is shining in through the window while you're sipping your morning coffee, enveloped by the cozy comfort of your newly painted cabinetry or built-ins. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Ready to infuse this stunning color into your home? Contact Miriam Johnson for a design consultation and get ready to transform your home's living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, or laundry room with stunning painted cabinetry!

Featured Image: Benjamin Moore

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