September 27, 2021

Entertainer's Dream: Custom Built-Ins

A custom built-in entertainment center can become a centerpiece for your home’s relaxation activities—and a great place to entertain when you have guests! There are endless options to choose from when designing custom built-ins including integrated spots for your television, gaming consoles, and audio equipment.  

Ready to design a completely custom entertainment center for your home? Built-ins and custom cabinets are one of our specialties. Check out these ideas from the Cabinet Chic!  

Create Stylish Storage with Custom Cabinets

A custom-built home entertainment center can offer a unique way to store your DVDs and board games and can complement every design aesthetic and fit into any space in your home, small or large. Not only is a built-in entertainment center the perfect place for your electronics, but it is also an opportunity to showcase collectibles, books, and artwork.

The Cabinet Chic can also design unique ways to hide cords, incorporate plug-ins for easy access, and hide unsightly speakers.  

When designing a built-in entertainment center:

  • Create a list of your electronics and their dimensions to ensure that there is enough space in your built-in design.  
  • Integrate your TV into your unit, or above built-in shelves.  
  • Embrace the architectural design or theme of your house and incorporate it into your built-ins.  
  • Avoid overly busy or “heavy” entertainment centers  

Build a Contemporary Entertainment Center

Your home’s entertaining space shouldn’t look like a warehouse for your audio equipment or electronics. It should incorporate seamlessly into your home’s decor and enhance the space. As we say around here, have happiness built in.

Our designers at C & C Cabinets can design a beautiful contemporary entertainment center that includes beautiful elements such as a glass front display cabinet, decorative doors, unique storage solutions, and a home theater.  

Whether you prefer a painted or stained wood finish, millwork, or floating shelves, our designers can create a beautiful and functional entertainment center to make relaxation easy.

Design a Custom Hutch for Storage

If you need a space to store your books, movies, and collections and want them to be on display, a custom hutch can be a great option.  

When designing, the number of shelves is up to you and is based on what you plan to display. Further, you can choose to have the drawers and cabinet doors lift or swing open.  

Consider what finishes would look best in your home. Would glass or mirrored panels help make your space feel larger? Do you prefer shaker, traditional, or slab front cabinets?

Remember: Hutches require floor space, so make sure you have the space for it!

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Install Floating Shelves

If your television is already mounted on the wall, but you want extra storage space, floating shelves can easily be installed and come in a variety of finishes and textures.

We can even incorporate concealed storage that helps reduce the appearance of clutter and allows for a sleek look. Think about installing decorative hardware or keep it clean and forgo the hardware altogether.  

Design the Ultimate Wall Unit

Sports fans and movie lovers, rejoice! The ultimate wall unit is perfect for your space if you have an entire wall to dedicate to an entertainment center or a home movie theater.  

When designing the ultimate built-in wall unit, incorporate an integrated surround system and flat-screen TV into your design and make sure there is enough storage space for all your electronics, movies, and games.  

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A True Entertainer’s Dream Come True

Entertain your friends and family or relax while watching your favorite movie with a custom built-in entertainment center designed and built by our craftsmen at C & C Cabinets!

We create WOW moments, and your custom built-in shelving will incorporate perfectly into your space. Plus, you get to hide away all those unsightly cords!

Ready to design a custom built-in entertainment center for your home? Call the Cabinet Chic today for a design consultation at 813-876-6780! Until then, here’s another Tampa Bay home with happiness built-in:

“CUSTOM IS THE WAY TO GO...I struggled to find furniture for my office and mudroom. My neighbor (who is very particular and has a house that looks like a model home) recommended C&C Custom Cabinets. I am so glad I decided to go custom! You maximize the potential of every space and get exactly what you want. Yet, I was surprised that it was comparable to furniture prices sometimes! Miriam also thought of functional customizations/improvements that I didn't think of (e.g. drilling holes for cord access and hiding them) - and that I would not have gotten from furniture. I saw their quality work at neighbor's and another person's house - and now love my own.” -Cecily L.

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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