January 27, 2023

Stylish Sophistication: Building a Built-In Library

Create a library that oozes sophistication and style with custom built-ins.

Whether you're an avid reader or simply want to add some character to your home, building a custom library is the perfect way to get the job done.  

With our help, you can easily create an at-home library with built-in shelves and cabinets that will transform your space into something extraordinary.

Keep scrolling for at-home library inspiration from the Cabinet Chic!  

An At-Home Library

With the right design elements, you can craft a library that reflects both your style and taste.

From custom shelving units to unique cabinets and bookshelves, there are many ways for homeowners to create their own personally designed libraries at home.  

Working with our team of craftsmen allows you to customize each aspect of your library’s design from materials used down to the details like lighting fixtures and hardware.

Whether you are looking for something grand and ornate or modern and minimalistic, building custom-made shelves can be the perfect way to store books and display favorite objects.

Get creative with paint colors for an added splash of personality in your space! Additionally, if budget allows, don't be afraid to invest in quality furniture pieces like chairs or couches which will complete the look of your at-home library.

Before building your library consider the following:  

Use Bold Colors

Color is a fun way to express yourself and show off your style. To add color to your home library, consider painting the entire bookcase in a bright color, or lining the shelves with colorful wallpaper.  

If you’re feeling especially bold, consider contrasting tones; for example, a bright bookshelf with dark trim or millwork accents.  

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

You can incorporate a home library into your home whether you have a modern, farmhouse, traditional, or minimal aesthetic. Consider matching your bookshelves to your home’s color scheme, and make sure that the organizational style of the library complements the room.  

If you prefer a more minimal look, leave more space on the shelves, and only highlight the most important books. Or you may want to color-code your books for a unique look. Have fun with it!

Consider Seating

Create a comfortable environment that is conducive to reading by installing a built-in reading nook with comfy chairs or a chaise lounge.  

Include Both Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lighting is crucial when you are reading, so it is important to consider the options. The three most common lighting options include:

  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Ambient lighting  

You can incorporate these into your home library by using desk or office lamps, floor lamps, or even lighting incorporated into the bookshelf itself.

While artificial light can be a great way to add ambiance, natural lighting is greatly beneficial for your health and easy on the eyes when reading.  

You can include natural lighting in your home library by designing a seating area next to a window or installing built-ins in a room that has ample windows or a skylight.  

Where Am I Going to Put a Whole Library??

Not sure where to install your library? No matter what free space you have, our design team can make it happen! Here are some ideas from the Cabinet Chic:

Repurpose an Awkward Space

Do you have a space in your home that nothing seems to fit in? Take advantage of it and install some bookshelves!  

We love the idea of designing a cozy closet reading nook. If you have a closet that is rarely used or too small we can install bookshelves around the walls, and a bench at the bottom with a comfy cushion. You’ll want to hide away in your hidden reading oasis any chance you get!  

Built-Ins Around the TV

If you already have built-ins or a TV mounted to the wall in your living room, this could be the perfect spot to create your home library. You already spend a lot of time in this space after all!  

Chic Tip: Instead of having the TV as the focal point in the room, add visual interest to your living room by installing bookcases.

A Staircase Library

For book lovers who are looking to make their home library truly unique, custom staircase built-ins may be the solution you’ve been looking for! Staircase bookshelves will create a space-saving alternative to traditional shelving by utilizing the vertical wall space of your stairs.  

Not only will these custom shelves save you floor space, but they’ll also give your library an eye-catching focal point. Whether you choose open shelves for displaying your favorite books or opt for closed cabinetry with hidden storage, the addition of a staircase library is sure to impress guests and add a touch of sophistication to any home.  

You can further customize your staircase library with decorative moldings and finishes that match the existing décor in your home.

Bookshelves Around a Door

For those of us who are short on storage space, bookshelves around a door can be an excellent location. With the right designers, these shelves can provide both form and function in one compact area.

Plus, it's easy to customize the look with paint or wallpaper to fit with the rest of your decor! You can also opt for more modern designs like glass shelving for a contemporary feel.

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Custom Built-Ins for Bookworms

Building a an at-home library is an excellent way to add a luxurious sense of sophistication to any room. And it not only looks amazing, but it also serves as a practical storage solution for your book collection! With the right planning and creative forethought, you can ensure your home library design is stylish and timeless.

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