April 22, 2022

Inspiration Awaits, Improving Your Home Office

If you are working from home, you need a place that not only inspires you but is organized so you can get work done without distractions.  

Our Tampa-based craftsmen at C & C Cabinets know how to make your space both beautiful and functional. Here are some of our favorite ways that you can improve your home office making it a place that you enjoy working in!

You can improve your home office in four simple ways:

  • Install custom office cabinetry
  • Have built-ins and custom closets installed
  • Consider lighting solutions
  • Give it some character

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Design Custom Office Cabinetry

Our team can design cabinets for storing printer paper and ink or other office supplies, nooks with computer charging stations built right in, and cubbies to store all those important documents or pens and pencils.  

If your home office space is limited, draw out a floor plan on graph paper and move the shapes around until you find the best configuration for you.

To make the best use of your limited space, have custom cabinets or shelving installed behind your desks so books and office supplies are easily accessible. Plus, the more storage you have, the easier it will be for you to get work done and keep track of important items. Installing custom office cabinetry is an easy way to take your home office to the next level!  

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Have Built-ins and Custom Closets Installed

If you have enough space, we recommend installing custom office closet or a built-in storage unit to keep items out of sight and organized.  

One of the perks of having a custom closet built is that you can store away supplies and inventory that you might not need daily while keeping your office space and desk clutter-free.  

Built-ins can be another great way to maximize the space in your office. With shelves, cabinets, and interesting storage solutions, you’ll notice a boost in your productivity once everything you need to get your work done is in its place.  

Consider Lighting Solutions

It’s extremely hard to get work done in a dim office space. Proper lighting will not only make getting to work easier, but it can boost your mood and productivity as well!  

To reduce eye strain, install ergonomic lighting over your reading area, computer, and behind you.

Consider the following:

  • Lampshades can soften and scatter harsh lighting while upward-shining floor lamps bounce the light off the walls and ceilings.  
  • The goal is to illuminate your space without creating glare or casting shadows.  
  • For computer work or other focus-intensive tasks, a well-defined light source like a desk lamp can be beneficial.
  • Don’t overlook the natural light that comes from a window or skylight. The warm lighting that the sun provides can improve your mood and your working environment.  

By considering the lighting in your space, you will be able to work longer and more comfortably.  

Give it Some Character

While this is your office space, adding personal touches and splashes of color can make it more inviting. Consider your home’s aesthetic and add in your favorite textile patterns, window treatments, and furniture to express your unique style.

Also, even if you aren’t a green thumb, consider adding some greenery to your home office with fake or real plants.

Plants reduce stress, increase productivity, and help replenish lost focus.  

Plus, certain plants can even clean the air that you breathe!

And don’t forget about the walls! Make sure to add in some of your favorite artwork or photos that you love of your family and friends.

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Get to Work with the Cabinet Chic

By enhancing your home office space and getting organized, you’ll enjoy spending time in it more. Your work life will be better, you’ll appreciate being at home, and you’ll have the perfect place to work even if you just walk down the hall to get there.  

Our team at C & C Cabinets designs and builds unique custom cabinetry every day. Are you ready to get to work and organize your office? Schedule a consultation or call our design team to get started today; 813-876-6780!

“The work of C&C cabinets is incredible. They can make any cabinet dreams a reality. Highly recommend!”    - Seleena N.
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